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  1. Pejorative
  2. Antecedent
  3. Totem
  4. Tintinnabulation
  5. Antediluvian
  1. a adjective: Very old, old-fashioned, out of date.
  2. b adjective: Having, or characterized by, a disparaging, derogatory, or belittling effect, tone, or force.
  3. c noun: A preceding circumstance.
  4. d noun: Anything serving as a distinctive, often venerated, emblem or symbol.
  5. e noun: The ringing or sounding of bells.

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  1. noun: Authoritative and complete; final.
  2. adjective: Ancient or venerable; ancient.
  3. noun: A building, especially one of large size or imposing appearance.
  4. verb: To sap strength from; to weaken. (attenuate, enervate).
  5. adjective: Unreasonably irritable or very ill-tempered. (fractious, querulous, choleric, churlish).

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  1. Blanchverb: To draw back from or shy away from, as from fear.


  2. Peremptoryverb: To speak at great length, often in a bombastic or grandiloquent manner.


  3. Filibusternoun/verb: The use of obstructionist tactics for the purpose of delaying legislative action.


  4. Prolixadjective: Performed with natural ease. (Unctuous)


  5. Bibliophileadjective: Impossible to limit or circumscribe; limitless.