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  1. Charles Chesnutt
  2. Michael Wigglesworth
  3. John Winthrop
  4. ???
  5. Herman Melville
  1. a "The Day of Doom" & "God's Controversy with New England".
  2. b "A Model of Christian Charity" (City on a Hill).
  3. c "The Sheriff's Children". *Themes: -racism -identity -moral and responsibility
  4. d "Bartelby the Scrivener". Themes: -charity -work ethics -middle class boredom Motifs: -grayness -food Symbols: -dead letters -Alexandro Aranda's skeleton Quote: "I prefer not to."
  5. e "Song of the Sky Loom". -family/creation -seasonal renewal -weaving conceit (warp/weft)

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  1. . -Juan Gines de Sepulveda= against Indians -Bartolome de Las Casas= pro Indian
  2. "The Fall of the House of Usher". House= 1) buildings 2) minds 3) family doppelganger (incest [both spiritual and actual], house and its flaw, twin)
  3. "The Story of an Hour". Themes: repression of women in a male-dominated society Symbols: -springtime -patches of blue sky
  4. "This Is What It Means To Say Pheonix, Arizona". *Symbols/motifs: -fathers and sons -fire, ashes, rebirth -last image= salmon swimming upstream
  5. The Scarlet Letter. Motifs: -civilization vs. the wilderness -night vs. day Symbols: -scarlet letter -the meteor -Pearl -rosebush next to the prison door

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  1. Columbus"Song of the Sky Loom". -family/creation -seasonal renewal -weaving conceit (warp/weft)


  2. Louise Erdrich"Dear John Wayne".


  3. Washington Irving"The Devil and Tom Walker". -faust story (sells his soul to the devil)


  4. William Shakespeare"On Plymouth Plantations".


  5. William Bradford"On Plymouth Plantations".