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Who lived along the Gulf of Mexico in La Venta?

The Olmecs

Who lived along the Mexican Yucatan Penisula in cities such as Chichen Itza and Tulum?

The Maya

Who traded cacao, rubber and salt near La Venta?

The Olmecs

Who traded pottery near San Lorenzo because of San Lorenzo's rich clay deposits. The clay in the soil made it easier to make pottery.

The Olmecs

Who was able to make huge stone sculptures out of basalt?

The Olmecs

Who farmed (in the Yucatan Peninsula) corn, beans, squash, and yucca for their huge population?

The Maya

Who invented the idea of the number zero?

The Maya

Who created large temples and religious centers in cities such as Tikal and Chichen Itza?

The Maya

Which civilization is believed to have "died out" due to food shortages and wars?

The Maya

Which early civilizations lived along the Southern Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan?

The Olmec and The Maya

Which early civilizations live in what is now the United States?

The Anasazi and the Mound Builders

Which early civilization lived long the great Mississippi River and Ohio River?

The Mound Builders

Which early civilization lived in the Four Corners of the Southwestern United States?

The Anasazi

What are the four corners?

It is where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona all meet.

How were the Anasazi able to farm in the desert?

They used irrigation.

What is irrigation?

It is a method for bringing water into dry land areas.

Who developed villages beneath the rock cliffs, on the sides of canyons, and on tops of mesas for defense?

The Anasazi

What is a mesa?

Top of a tall flat hill.

Which Native Americans are descendants of the Anasazi?

The Pueblo and Hopi.

Which civiliation moved into the Valley of Mexico?

The Aztec.

Which civiliation called their home Tenochtitlan?

The Aztec

Which civiliation built floating gardens known as "chinampas?"

The Aztec

Which early civiliation that lived in the Valley of Mexico used war and slavery to expand their empire?

The Aztec


Large area of different people controlled by one ruler or government.


The immoral practice of owning people and forcing them to work.

Which early civilization lived along the Western Coast of South America along the Andes Mountains?

The Inca

Which early civiliation empire was greatly expanded under the rule of Packakuti?

The Inca

Which civiliation worshiped the sun god Inti?

The Inca

Which early civiliation built trade roads and routes? (The were along the coast of South America in and around the Andes Mountains.)

The Inca

Which early civilization built terraces to successfully farm because they did not have flat land in the Andes Mountains?

The Inca

Which early civiliation irrigated in the Andes Mountains?

The Inca



The "Three Sisters"

Corn, beans, and squash

Why is it good to be able to successfully farm?

You can feed your population, keep them strong and healthy, and "grow" your population. It keeps the death rate low and the birth/life rate high.

Which European group defeated the Inca Empire?

The Spanish (Pizarro)

Which European group defeated the Maya?

The Spanish

Which European group defeated the Aztec?

The Spanish (Cortes)

Which early civiliation built mounds to bury their dead?

The Mound Builders

Why is it important for a civilization to be near water or have a water source?

Water is a life source for farming, fishing, transportation, and nutrition.

If you cannot keep your "people" healthy will they be able to fight sickness and disease well?


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