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Apex driving school study guide

10 inches

Never closer than this to airbag

Self and passengers under 16

Driver responsible for

Self (16+) and passengers older than 16

Passenger responsible for


Even with top of head

turn signals

required by RCW, 100 ft before turning, if broken use hands


established June 1965

Right turns

By RCW, approach nearest lane, turn following curb

Left Turns

No RCW, extreme **** lane, not over center line

R.O.W. Approaching @ Same Time

left yields to vehicle turning right

25 Mph

max mph for city & town streets

50 Mph

max mph county roads

60 Mph

max mph for state highways

entering from private property

by RCW, stop at sidewalk

obey control devices

by RCW, unless broken or unreadable

Regulatory Signs

Require, Prohibit; Black & White, Red & White

Cautionary Signs

Warning; Yellow & Black (standard), Green & Black (school), Orange & Black (contruction)

Route and Guide Signs

Street, distances, directions; Green & White

Service Signs

Hospitals, Gas, Restaurants; Blue & White

Recreational Signs

Public; Brown & White

Solid Line

don't pass (yellow), don't change lanes (white)

Turn lane

max 300 ft, no passing, only turn left here

Arterial Areas

lined lanes, residences, commercial areas


cease movement; unload passengers


cease movement; unload property


cease movement; occupied, unload/load property and passengers

Don't Stop

on crosswalk, in intersection, 30 ft of an intersection

Don't Stand or Park

withing 5 ft of driveway or entrance, 15 ft hydrants, 20 ft crosswalks, 30 ft flashing signal, stop/yield, light, fire station 20 ft or 75 ft opp. side

Don't Park

50 ft of railroad crossing

Road park

within 12" of curb/edge, uphill curb left away


foot, wheelchair, human device, not bicycles


btwn intersection-sidewalk, btwn intersection-10 ft


must use, if none walk facing traffic

stopped bus

may pass, if multi-lane road, if 2 lanes stop


odd #: N-S; Even #: E-W;

4 Seconds

freeway space cushion


low beam headlights

Headlight usage

30 min after sunset to 30 min before; when visibility less that 1000 ft

high beams (brights)

450 ft ahead

low beams

150 ft ahead


release gas pedal, steer into



Sedation amount

drinking more than eliminating, 1.5 shot whiskey, 12 oz beer

Chance of crash

5x 0.08; 25x 0.15

1st DUI conviction

loss of license (one year), if refuse test; jail up to one year; fines up to $5000

DUI under 21

misdemeanor; 0.02-0.07

Class B


Class C


Gross Misdemeanor

prop. damage

Brake Failure

pump brake 3x, use parking brake as emergency brake

Purchasing Car

register within 15 days or else fines; bring bill of sale, etc.


check weekly, change every 3000 miles


$60,000 min.; may increase limits

Intermediate license

1st 6 months: no passengers under 20 (unless immediate); Remaining 6 months: 3 max; no driving btwn 5-1 am; traffic infraction

1st intermed. license

warning letter

2nd intermed. license

6 mo. suspension

3rd intermed. license

suspended until 18

Renewal of license

Expires every 5th birthday

Obeying police

proof of financial responsibility; permit exam of exterior vehicle


determination final, unless contested; non criminal; specific violation; must respond in 15 days or else loss of license

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