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Chapter 8 Kinns

Computer Concepts
Application Software
Computer programs designed to perform specific tasks.
Artifical Intelligence
The aspect of computer science that deals with comptuers taking on the attributes of humans, such as mimicking human thought.
Any type of storage that prevents the loss of files with hard disk failure.
the smallest units of information inside the computer, each represetned either by a digit "0" or "1"; 8 bites equal 1 byte
A command in a browser that makes the IP address of a Web site so that it can be saved and recalled quickly without typing the entire Web address.
Software programs that allow users to view Web pages on the Internet
A unit of data that contains8 binary digits, or bits
Special, high-speed storage that either can be part of the computer's main memory or a separate storage device.
CD burner
A device that can "write" data on a blank compact disk or copy data from one CD to a blank CD
A machine designated to accept, store, process, and produce information.
Messages sent to a web browser from a web server that identify users and can prepare custom web pages for them, possibly displaying their name on return to the site.
A symbol on the monitor screen that shows the location of the next character to be typed.
The nonphysical space of teh online world of comptuer networks in which communication takes place.
A collection of related files that serves as a foundation for retrieving information.