PowerPoint 2007 Ch. 1

Microsoft PowerPoint Chapter 1 Vocabulary
position within that indicates magnitude of importance
mini toolbar
appears automatically; contains commands to change appearance of text
document properties
includes such information as the project author, title, or subject
line wraps
PowerPoint ___ text that exceeds the width of the placeholder
contextual tabs
tabs displayed when you perform certain tasks
control center in PowerPoint
a saved presentation is referred to as a ____
document theme
sets color scheme, font, font size, and layout of presentation
active tab
the tab currently displayed
normal view
default view allows you to work in three working areas simultaeously
1/72 of an inch in height
mouse pointer
becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing
indicates how the characters are formatted
vertical scroll bar
use the ___ to display different slides in the document window
basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation
words or phrases that further describe the document
boxes with dotted borders that are displayed on new slides
slide indicator
shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display
standard properties
associated with all Microsoft documents and includes author, title, and subject
office theme
default document theme
line spacing
amount of vertical space between the lines of text
key tip badge
keyboard code icon
specifies the height of the characters
shortcut menu
frequently used commands that relate to the right-clicked object
home tab
primary tab contains the more frequently used commands
set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or a list
key tip
to select a command using the keyboard, press this displayed code letter
horizontal scroll bar
allows you to display a portion of a slide when it does not fit on the screen
creating a lower-level paragraph
list of additional commands associated with the selected command
used to position content on a slide
scroll box
location of the slide in the document window
defines the hues of the characters
quick access toolbar
located above the ribbon; provides access to frequently used commands
task pane
window that can remain open and visible while you work on the document
live preview
allows you to point to a gallery choice and see its effect in the document
contains a list of commands
landscape orientation
default slide layout where the slide width is greater than its height
scroll arrow
located at the end of each scroll bar
appearance of typed characters
office button
central location for managing and sharing documents
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
complete presentations graphics program
mode in which the presentation appears on the screen
title slide
introduces the presentation to the audience
segment of text with the same format; started by pressing the ENTER key
pop-up menu
shortcut menu appears when you right-click a slide in slide show view
also called a slide show
enhanced screen tip
an on-screen note that is more detailed than a typical screentip
standard properties
associated with all microsoft documents and includes author, title, and subject
custom dictionary
allows you to add special words such as proper names and cities