Gallen - 1st Vocabulary Quiz

28 terms by RyanSelvy

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is the study of the moral lives and actions of people against a normative basis that provides insight into we


attributes that shape who we are


An assistant assists a person in committing suicide

Physician Assisted Suicide

can adapt itself to a new environment

Stem Cell Research

an evaluation of a person's gene

Genetic Testing

good taste in judgment


set standards that we have as individuals


first sin that was committed

Original sin

go beyond the limit or range


to grow well


indifferent; no strong feelings


do not harm others


Promote The Good of Others


People should be free to choose their own life


The impact of medicine or technology in our society


The risk of not being seen as a person deserving of respect and loving concern


Patients are more vulnerable because much more is at steak

Patient:caregiver relationship

Obtaining to higher moral standards


One that values themselves individually rather than the rest of the population

Individualistic Society

Doctors oath to do no harm

Hippocratic Oath

Preventing reproduction


allowing to die or enabling the death of a very ill being


Doctors gives diagnoses and treatments without input from patient


Those Nazi guilty of medical experimentation on concentration camp inmates

Nuremburg Tribunal

A study where participants were being deceived for the study

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Taking impurities out of the blood stream - kidney filtration


Antibiotic' derived from a fungus which was a miracle drug in its time


Who we ought to become as people


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