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lusophone history and culture

East Timor
Which former Portuguese colony was annexed by Indonesia in 1975?
Which region, which is now part of India, was a Portuguese colony until 1961?
East Timor
Which country bordering Indonesia is a former Portuguese colony?
The Azores are part of which country?
Maputo is the capital city of which country?
How many islands are there in the Cape Verde archipelago?
What is the capital city of Brazil?
Which region of China was under Portuguese administration until 1999?
On which sea is Portugal situated?
In what year did the army led by D. Afonso Henriques seize Lisbon from Islamic rule?
With which nation did Portugal sign the Treaty of Windsor?
In which Algarvian town was O Infante Dom Henrique's school of navigation reputed to have been situated?
What was the name of the North African city conquered by the Portuguese in 1415?
Gil Eannes
What was the name of the explorer who rounded the Cape Bojador in 1434?
Bartolomeu Dias
What was the name of the explorer who first rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488?
Vasco da Gama
Who was the explorer who first sailed the sea route all the way to India?
Formal and informal
What were the two 'types' of Empire in the early Portuguese expansion, as identified by Malyn Newitt?
Dom Sebastiao
Which Portuguese king led his army into battle at Alcácer Quibir in 1578?
Prester John
What was the name of the legendary Christian monarch of Ethiopia who was sought by the Portuguese and other European explorers?
Pedro Alvares Cabral
What was the name of the captain who led the fleet of ships which discovered Brazil?
Dom Manoel I
To which King of Portugal did Pero Vaz de Caminha write his letter?
hereditary captaincies
What was the name given to the land rights in Brazil issued to the first colonisers by the Portuguese Crown?
In what year did the Portuguese fleet first arrive at the coast of Brazil?
What commodity were the Portuguese seeking when they first arrived in Brazil?
terra da vera cruz
What was the name first given to the country which later came to be known as Brazil?
What was the first product to be exported from Brazil?
What is the preferred term in Brazil for the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese?
In what year did Tomé de Sousa arrive in Brazil with the first formal group of colonisers?
Which city was the first capital of Brazil?
In what year was slavery of indigenous people in Brazil outlawed?
Padre Antonio Vieira
Which Brazilian Jesuit priest famously spoke against slavery in the seventeenth century?
In what year did the Marquês de Pombal liberate slaves in Portugal?
18th century
In which century was the transatlantic slave trade at its peak?
In what year was the slave trade made illegal in Brazil?
Lei do Ventre Libre
Which law was introduced in 1871?
In what year was slavery abolished in Brazil?
Which state in Brazil was the first to abolish slavery, in 1884?
slaves age 60+
To whom did the 'Lei dos Sexagenários' apply?
runaway slave settlements
What was a 'quilombo'?
In what year did the Portuguese Court leave Portugal for Brazil?
When the Portuguese Crown moved to Brazil, they were fleeing from the threat of invasion of whose army?
Joao VI
Which King of Portugal moved his court from Portugal to Brazil?
Pedro I
Who was the first Emperor of Independent Brazil?
7th September 1822
What was the date of Brazil's declaration of independence from Portugal?
Rio de Janeiro
Which city became the capital of Brazil when the Portuguese Court settled there?
In what year did D. Pedro I leave Brazil to return to Portugal?
Pedro I
Who announced 'Fico' on 9 January 1822?
Princess Isabel
Who signed the 'Lei áurea' in 1888?
Pedro II
Who was the last Emperor of Brazil?
In what year was Brazil declared a Republic?
Deodoro da Fonseca
Who was the first president of Republican Brazil?
In what year was the First Brazilian Republic overthrown by a military coup leading to dictatorship?
Getulio Vargas
Who was placed as president of Brazil following the military coup which overthrew the First Brazilian Republic.
Politica do Café-com-Leite
What was the popular name for the system which saw political power alternate between Minas Gerais and São Paulo?
In what year was the British Ultimatum issued?
Lord Salisbury
Which British Minister had his ambassador in Portugal deliver his Ultimatum?
The scramble for Africa
What is the popular term for nineteenth-century rush to claim territory in Africa by Europeans?
The rose-coloured map
What was the name given to the map indicating Portugal's plans for expansion from the West to the East coast of Africa?
The Berlin Conference
Which event in 1885 saw European countries agree terms for the colonisation of Africa?
In what year was the King of Portugal assassinated by republicans?
Carlos I
Which King of Portugal was assassinated by Republicans?
Manuel II
Who was the last reigning King of Portugal?
5th October
On what day in 1910 did the military declare Portugal to be a Republic?
manuel de arriaga
Who was the first president of the First Republic of Portugal?
Sidonio Pais
Which Prime Minister of Portugal during the first Republic was assassinated in 1918?
Bernardino Machado
Who was the last president of the First Republic of Portugal?
Teofilo Braga
Who was the first Prime Minister of the First Republic of Portugal?
In what year did a military coup d'état install the dictatorship which ended the Frist Republic of Portugal?
Antonio Maria da Silva
Who was the last Prime minister of the First Republic of Portugal?
Pero Vaz de Caminha
Who wrote the letter to D. Manuel I giving information about the discovery of Brazil?
Eça de Queiroz
Who wrote a 'letter from England' entitled 'Brazil and Portugal', based on an article in the Times?
Ordem e progresso
What are the words on the Brazilian flag?
What is the 'inconvenient history' of the documentary about Brazil directed by Phil Grabsky?
Luis Vaz de Camoes
Who wrote the epic poem Os Lusíadas?
Henrique Lopes de Mendoça
Who wrote the lyrics of the Portuguese national anthem, 'A Portuguesa'?
The British Ultimatum 1890
The Portuguese national anthem, 'A Portuguesa', was written in response to which historical event?
Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Macau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe
In which countries is Portuguese an official language?