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One of the oldest and most sacred ancient texts or Hinduism. The name means knowledge or wisdom


This is part of the Mahabharata and many people believe that it contains some of the basic beliefs of Hinduism.


A person who rejects society and material comforts to attain spiritual insight.


Ancient texts that both support but also challenge some of the ideas of the Vedas.


The ultimate reality in Hinduism. It is taught that it cannot be perceived by the senses.


One's innermost being or soul.


One is reborn by the nature of these actions. They can be either good or bad.


Moral and religious laws of conduct as conveyed in the Ramayana and Mahabharata


The type of devotion (worship) that one performs which depends on both the relationship they have with a god or goddess, and the emotions or moods that the specific god or goddess evokes.


The visiting of local temples or temple attendance


Ritual devotion which usually include offerings of food or sweets to deity.


Religious pilgrimages to places such as temples and rivers.


The city is considered one of the most famous places for pilgrimage. It is known as Shiva's City.


The festivals of lights, Homes are illuminated with lamps to welcome Lakshmi.


Life cycle rituals performed by Hindus at birth, marriage, and death.


The oldest surviving Indo-European language brought to Indus Valley by the Aryans


The four divisions of society as described in the Rig Veda.


The thousands of social divisions, usually by profession, within each of the four major divisions of society described in #4.


Disciplined meditation


The point of liberation where the soul is freed from the cycle of rebirth

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