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a person who brought 50 settlers to New Netherland and in return received a large land grant and other special privileges.

Peter Minuit

A Dutch colonist in 1626. Served as first gov.

Meijeterma and Seyseys

Two Sachems of the Lenape. Minuit and 60 Dutch bought mannhattan island for 24$ worth of goods. Indians thought that land wasn't owned. Misunderstanding.

Peter Stuyvesant

1645 took over as new gov. Tried to capture Sweed land. Got it. England took over though.

James, Duke of York

Charles II gave his bro, James, a charter for land between Hudson, and Delaware rivers. In 1664, Duke sent ships to New Amsterdam.

Martha Turnstall Smith

Whale hunting became big industry. Martha Turnstall Smith, was on of the few ladies who whailed. Used whale oil for lamps, bones for buttons.

Sir George Cartret

Duke of York gave him land. With friend, started colony. Made New Jersey.

Lord John Berkley

One of the friends Duke of York gave land to. With Sir George, started a colony called New Jersey because Carteret had been born there.

Phillip Cartret

1665 George and John let him govern. George's cousin.

New Netherland

a Dutch colony in North America along the Hudson and lower Delaware rivers although the colony centered in New Amsterdam

Manhattan Island

Soon changed to New Amsterdam. Thought Indians called it Manhattan.

New Sweeden

Sweden settled small colonyin present day states New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 1637 otter mink beaver. rich profits. Crops

New York

British changed New Netherland to New York, and New Amsterdam to New York City.

Middle Colonies

New York New Jersey and Pennsylvainia. had fertile soil moderate winters warm summers and a good growing season and economy was based on farming mineing craft jobscash crops grain manufacturing and trade

New Jersey

George Cartret, John Berkley. Duke of York gave them the land. 1665 let Philip Cartret, George's cousin govern province.

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