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  1. vulgarity
  2. conventional
  3. stock
  4. static
  5. onomatopoeia
  1. a words formed to imitate a sound
  2. b Language widely considered crude, disgusting, and oftentimes offensive.
  3. c character that is quickly recognized and accepted because he is archetypal
  4. d the symbol is not universal: it is a convention contrived by a particular population of people
  5. e a character who doesn't change

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  1. a character which the author tells everything about
  2. a variety of language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language
  3. a character who sets off another character by contrast
  4. irony that the audience knows about but the characters don't
  5. a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

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  1. slanga character who is not really portrayed by the author


  2. pathosbased on emotion


  3. colloquiala character who sets off another character by contrast


  4. naturalirony that occurs when what is said contradicts what is meant or thought


  5. consonancesimilarity in sounds of vowels