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File Services Microsoft Server 2008 70-642 Network Infrastructure Configuration

____ are defined at the folder or file level.

User-level permissions

____ allows you to add existing folder shares into a namespace.


Once deployed, ____ has a hierarchical namespace structure that allows users to locate information using a UNC path location.


____ can be defined by using built-in templates or custom-created templates or by specific file type.


Which of the following CLI utilities can be used to change the NTFS permissions on an existing folder?


A domain-based namespace is stored on a single server and restricted to the space and availability of that server. T or F


Windows uses ____ to make every user, computer, and resource on a network unique.

security identifiers

NTFS uses ____ to define permissions to resources.

access control lists

The SMB protocol can be used on private networks and the Internet by communicating over TCP/IP. T or F


Public folder sharing allows users to share files with all the users logged on locally or on the network, if that feature is enabled. T or F


Using a multimaster replication engine (such as AD), ____ allows servers connected across WAN or limited bandwidth network connections to stay current.

DFS replication

Available through the Computer Management console or as a stand-alone MMC snap-in.

Shared Folders console

A protocol that clients use to access shared resources.

Server Message Block

Allows you to deploy multiple servers that hold copies of your data.

Load balancing

Allows you to place quotas on folders and volumes, actively screen files, and generate comprehensive storage reports

File Server Resource Manager

Can be used to provide load balancing for your shared file services.


Responsible for providing permissions to new or existing files or folders it contains through the process of inheritance.


Allows administrators to implement fault tolerance of service applications through the use of server clustering.

Failover clustering

Allows you to take data from multiple servers and collect it in a central location on one server.

Data collection

FSRM quotas use actual file size instead of the logical file size. T or F


____ is responsible for synchronizing all the data within a DFS structure.

DFS replication

___________________________________ is a set of client and server services that allows companies to deploy their shared file resources, known as targets, as a single file structure while distributing the resources across multiple servers and network locations.

DFS (Distributed File System)

DFS is the preferred file system used in Windows networks for its increased security and detailed configuration settings. T or F


Shares on FAT32 volumes can use share permissions; they also have the ability to use file or folder-level security. T or F


When share level permissions and user level (NTFS) permissions are combined, what is the net effect as users access a file through the shared resource?

The most restrictive permission applies

____ are defined at the shared resource level and allow clients access to a network share.

Share-level permissions

Which of the following are not Share Level permissions in Windows Server 2008?


____ allow shared file resources to be available to clients when they are not connected to the network.

Offline files

The ____ requires a domain to be running in Windows 2000 mixed AD DS functional mode or higher, and all namespace servers to be running at least Windows 2000 Server.

Windows Server 2000 mode

NTFS permissions are retained when a file or folder is backed up, while share permissions are not. T or F


What is the DFS namespace for a folder called DATA on server called SRV01.widgets.local if DFS is installed as a stand-alone implementation?


Before you can create a single DFS namespace on Windows Server 2008, you need to install which two of the following?

DFS role service-File Services role

After installing the DFS roles and role services, you should create a DFS namespace to act as the central point for clients to access network shared data. T or F


Storing offline files is also called caching. T or F


____ is a CLI utility provided with Windows that allows you to create and manage shared folder resources.

Net share

DFS replication is based on what type of replication?

Multi-master replication

____ can be identified by name because they always end with a dollar sign ($).

Administrative shares

The File Server Resource Manager allows administrators to perform which of the following duties?

Report on storage data on a server-Configure disk quotas for end users

Each ACL contains ___________________________________, which are the individual permissions assigned to a specific user or group on an object.

ACEs (access control entries)

____ is the preferred format in Windows Server 2008 due to its more robust features and file-level security.


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