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Where does most of the agriculture in "Western Europe" take place?

The Great European Plain

What is the main source of land use in "Western Europe" ?


Where in dairy farming common Western Europe ?

The Alps of France,Switzerland and Austria.

What is the significance and impact of Ancient Greece ?

The cultural achievements of Greece during the 5th Century BC laid the foundations of Western Civilization. Greece is widely referred as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy .

What was the political structure of the Rome Era.

Rome was a Republic ruled by senators (wealthy landowners) and the people .

Whats is the problem associated with acid rain ?

Acid deposition is growing danger with industry booming throughout the world.Acid rain became a major trans-boundary environmental issue in the late 20th centruy in Europe.

What are some solutions to Acid deposition?

A combination of technical fixes such as,Clean coal technology,catalytic coverters on cars etc.

What are the countries the U.K ?

England,Scotland and whales.

What was/is the significance of Hadrian's Wall ?

The wall marked the northern defense boundary of Roman Britain . The wall is located at what is now northern England and Scotland.

Why are settlement pattern studies also called non-site archeology.

Settlement pattern studies involve investigations which examine regions or areas ,rather than focusing on individual sites.

What are the three main parts of settlement?

Linear,scattered and clustered.

How has most of Western Europe grown overtime ?

Linear Hamlet,T-shaped village,nucleated town.

Why is Italy often described as two countries in one ?

The north is progressing while the south is economically depressed. The south of Italy suffers from economic disarray ,corruption and state run activity .

What is the agricultural in Portugal like ?

It has small and insignificant farms and must import most of it's food.

What is the agricultural in Greece like?

And agrarian country,Greece is self-sufficient in staple foods and imports only live stock products.

Why are the activitys of Mediterranean limited to agricultural products such as wine .

It has been deforested and has very little mineral resources .

What is the significance of Catalonia as Spain's important region ?

Produces 25% of Spanish exports nearly 40% of industrial sports

Define Mediterranean poly-culture

subsistence agriculture,based on the triad of wheat ,olive and grape.

Define dairy farming

take up a considerable area to the north of the Mediterranean .This belt is located in the Alps of France,Switzerland,and Austria. A second dairy belt exits,in the North starting in the British isles and the Breton Peninsula along the shores North and Baltic seas .

Mediterranean poly-culture to which agricultural region of the U.S


The Rhine River flows through what four countries? And what is it source?

Switzerland, Germany, france and the Netherlands. Swis Alps

Define loess and explain the significance of the loess .

Loess sediments are some of the most fertile soils there are. Apprx.1/5 of Europe contain loess .

Why is the potential loss of glaciation in the alps a concern for Europe.

Crucial for drink water,key for tourissim and irrigation and hydro power

What is the most important influence that moderates the temperatures throughout western Europe?

The Atlantic ocean is the most important influence that moderates the temperatures throughout western Europe. Gulf stream winds cause Europe's mild climate.

What is the geographical significance of the English channel ?

It separates English from France.

What does cape finisteere and Italy have in common?

Both are peninsulas.

What is the biggest problem facing of pompie today

Preserving it from the elements.

Define democracy

Rule by the people

What was the "first" democracy.

In Athens Greece .

Describe the Athenian justice system.

Juries decided criminals and property cases as well as whether or not laws are equal.

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