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AP - De+noun/pronoun verbs

AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language Exam
Abusar de
to abuse, to take advantage of, to overindulge in
Acordarse de
to remember
Alejarse de
to go/move away from
Apartarse de
to keep away from, to withdraw from
Apoderarse de
to take possessions of, to take hold of
Aprovecharse de
to take advantage of
Arrepentirse de
to be sorry for, to repent of
Asombrarse de
to be astonished at
Asustarse de
to be frightened at, to get alarmed about something
Avergonzarse de
to be ashamed of
Bajar de
to get out of, to descend from, to get off of
Burlarse de
to make fun of
Cambiar de
to change (trains, buses, clothes, etc.)
Cansarse de
to get tired of
Carecer de
to lack, to be lacking
Compadecerse de
to feel sorry for, to sympathize with
Constar de
to consist of
Cuidar de
to take care of, to look after
Depender de
to depand on
Deshacerse de
to get rid of, to part with
Despedirse de
to say goodbye to, to take leave of
Disfrutar de
to enjoy
Dudar de
to doubt
Enamorarse de
to fall in love with
Encargarse de
to take charge of
Enterarse de
to find out about, to become aware of
Gozar de
to enjoy
Huir de
to flee from
Irse de
to leave
Marcharse de
to leave
Ocuparse de
to attend to, to pay attention to, to look after
Olvidarse de
to forget
Pensar de
to have an opinion about, to think of or about
Preocuparse de
to worry about, to be concerned about
Quejarse de
to complain of or about
Reírse de
to laught at
Salir de
to leave (from), to go out of
Separarse de
to leave
Servir de
to serve
Servirse de
to make use of, to use
Tratarse de
to be a question of, to deal with
Valerse de
to make use of, to avail oneself of