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  1. Apartarse de
  2. Cuidar de
  3. Deshacerse de
  4. Alejarse de
  5. Quejarse de
  1. a to keep away from, to withdraw from
  2. b to take care of, to look after
  3. c to complain of or about
  4. d to get rid of, to part with
  5. e to go/move away from

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  1. to be sorry for, to repent of
  2. to lack, to be lacking
  3. to make fun of
  4. to leave (from), to go out of
  5. to be a question of, to deal with

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  1. Asustarse deto be frightened at, to get alarmed about something


  2. Despedirse deto say goodbye to, to take leave of


  3. Preocuparse deto attend to, to pay attention to, to look after


  4. Avergonzarse deto keep away from, to withdraw from


  5. Aprovecharse deto take possessions of, to take hold of


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