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  1. Burlarse de
  2. Compadecerse de
  3. Asustarse de
  4. Enterarse de
  5. Acordarse de
  1. a to find out about, to become aware of
  2. b to remember
  3. c to be frightened at, to get alarmed about something
  4. d to make fun of
  5. e to feel sorry for, to sympathize with

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  1. to lack, to be lacking
  2. to doubt
  3. to take charge of
  4. to forget
  5. to be ashamed of

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  1. Servirse deto make use of, to use


  2. Bajar deto get out of, to descend from, to get off of


  3. Pensar deto abuse, to take advantage of, to overindulge in


  4. Valerse deto go/move away from


  5. Apoderarse deto be astonished at