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  1. Servirse de
  2. Despedirse de
  3. Huir de
  4. Cuidar de
  5. Asustarse de
  1. a to take care of, to look after
  2. b to flee from
  3. c to make use of, to use
  4. d to say goodbye to, to take leave of
  5. e to be frightened at, to get alarmed about something

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  1. to fall in love with
  2. to be a question of, to deal with
  3. to leave (from), to go out of
  4. to feel sorry for, to sympathize with
  5. to consist of

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  1. Valerse deto make use of, to avail oneself of


  2. Preocuparse deto worry about, to be concerned about


  3. Irse deto leave


  4. Reírse deto laught at


  5. Carecer deto change (trains, buses, clothes, etc.)