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  1. Servir de
  2. Preocuparse de
  3. Quejarse de
  4. Enterarse de
  5. Huir de
  1. a to serve
  2. b to find out about, to become aware of
  3. c to worry about, to be concerned about
  4. d to complain of or about
  5. e to flee from

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  1. to get tired of
  2. to have an opinion about, to think of or about
  3. to go/move away from
  4. to leave
  5. to make fun of

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  1. Encargarse deto take charge of


  2. Olvidarse deto forget


  3. Depender deto depand on


  4. Servirse deto make use of, to use


  5. Asustarse deto be frightened at, to get alarmed about something