33 terms

Sixties Vocabulary Terms #1

John F. Kennedy
US President 1960-1963
Nation with Soviet missiles that endangered the U.S.
Fidel Castro
Communist leader of Cuba
North Vietnam's capital
European city in which Vietnam Peace talks began
Richard M. Nixon
Man elected president in 1968
Peace Corps
Federal program established to send volunteers to help developing nations
Nikita Khruschev
USSR leader after Stalin, involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Where the U.S. and the Soviet Union agreed nuclear weapons could only be tested
Vietnam War
Subject of many demonstrations during the sixties
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Agreement to stop certain kinds of atomic bomb testing
a federal program of health insurance for persons 65 years of age and older
Nation dragged into the Vietnam War in 1966
Bay of Pigs
U..S. invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles
Reconnaisance (spying)
What U-2 planes were used for until one was shot down by the Soviet Union
Neighbor of Vietnam to which the United States sent military planes.
My Lai
Village where a massacre of Vietnamese civilians occurred.
John Glenn
first American to orbit the earth
Neil Armstrong
First Man to Walk on the Moon
Muhammad Ali
World's heavyweight boxing champion who said "I am the greatest"
Television hit of 1967 starring Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.
Broadway hit that summed up the ideals and protests of the 1960s.
Alan Shephard
Man who accomplished the first U.S. suborbital space flight.
Silent Spring
Rachel Carson's book that started the environmentalist movement.
Event in 1969 at which 400,000 young people listened to rock and blues music.
Saturday Evening Post
Famous weekly magazine that stopped publishing after 148 years.
Experiments in group living in the 1960's.
Thin young model from England who became the rage.
Andy Warhol
Artist who helped start the Pop Art movement by painting pictures of Campbell Soup cans.
Robert Kennedy
Shot in 1968 when running for president.
What it became illegal in 1963 to force children to do in school.
Ted Kennedy
Senator investigated for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne
Right to a lawyer
What the Supreme court ruled all criminal defendants must have.