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  1. Alle Läufer haben den Kontrollpunkt passiert.
  2. die Wölfe/Seehunde heulen
  3. Der Wein ist zu Essig gegoren.
  4. Er wiegt 78 Kilogramm.
  5. Wir sollten sie noch schlafen lassen.
  1. a All runners have passed through the checkpoint.
  2. b the wolves / seals howl
  3. c The wine is fermented into vinegar.
  4. d We should still be asleep.
  5. e He weighs 78 kg.

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  1. the pullover scratches terribly or is terribly
  2. She knocks a nail into the wall.
  3. Mystery act usually assume that the police hunting a murderer.
  4. It kills me to see with what is happening.
  5. he has spent a long time drawing the blueprint

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  1. an or in die Öffentlichkeit dringenIn his spare time he writes poetry.


  2. Er schleifte den Kartoffelsack in den Keller.The light of candles lit in the dark.


  3. In seiner Freizeit dichtet er.I can not change it unfortunately.


  4. Er wurde am Kopf getroffen.He weighs 78 kg.


  5. ab November wird geheiztthe heating is put on in November


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