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  1. Laut fluchend trottete er davon.
  2. Es tötet mich, mit anzusehen, was da geschieht.
  3. die Wölfe/Seehunde heulen
  4. Das Licht der Kerzen leuchtet in der Dunkelheit.
  5. In seiner Freizeit dichtet er.
  1. a the wolves / seals howl
  2. b It kills me to see with what is happening.
  3. c Cursing loudly, he trotted off.
  4. d In his spare time he writes poetry.
  5. e The light of candles lit in the dark.

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  1. He dragged the sack of potatoes in the cellar.
  2. when parents divorce, the children are the victims
  3. He took a deep breath.
  4. she did not take her eyes off him
  5. he has spent a long time drawing the blueprint

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  1. Eine Frau guckt aus dem Fenster.The cow drinks at the watering hole.


  2. Sie kommt in der Regel pünktlich.She knocks a nail into the wall.


  3. Er zähmt ein TierHe tames a pet


  4. Das Kind leckt ein Eis.He tames a pet


  5. Wir führen alle namhaften Marken.We should still be asleep.