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MCTS: MS Server 2008 #70-642 Chap 9 Quiz

Network Policy and Access Services Microsoft Server 2008 70-642 Network Infrastructure Configuration
The ____ is the central utility for managing RADIUS clients and remote RADIUS servers, network health and access policies, NAP settings for NAP scenarios, and logging settings.
NPS console
______ protocols encapsulate data packets inside a new packet header.
A(n) ____ is the database used by a RADIUS server to authenticate users.
user account database
_____ provide secure network access for remote clients over the Internet through the use of tunneling protocols.
VPNs (Virtual private networks)
A(n) ____ forwards DHCPDiscover messages for subnets that do not have a DHCP server and that are not connected to a router that supports passing DHCP broadcast messages.
DHCP relay agent
____ works by encapsulating PPP frames before they are transmitted across a network.
Layer Tunneling Protocol
Routing tables can be managed in the RRAS console or from the command line using the route command. T or F
____ is a role service used to configure and manage network routing in Windows Server 2008.
Routing and Remote Access Services
RIPvuses ____ in determining the dynamic routes it can use for forwarding packets of data.
RIP neighbors
The ____ is a role service that provides you with a framework for creating and enforcing network access policies for client health, along with policies for authentication and authorization of connection requests. It can also be configured as a RADIUS proxy.
Network Policy Server (NPS)
As a software-based router, RRAS is recommended for use in small networks that require simple routing directions but is not recommended for large and complex environments. T or F
The ____ component of RRAS provides support for multicast network traffic by routing multicast traffic to networks that host these services.
IGMP router and proxy
______ allows you to shield internal IP address ranges from public networks by allowing internal clients to access the Internet through a shared IP address.
Network address translation (NAT)
____ provides Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) relay agent functionality for networks. This can also be done in situations where you do not have a RFC 542-compliant router.
____ are responsible for forwarding packets between subnets, or networks with differing IP addressing schemes.
____ is the first component of the RADIUS process in which the identity of a user connecting to a resource is verified.
____ is an industry-standard protocol that provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting for network access devices such as wireless access points and remote access servers.
____ supports securing VPNs using 28-bit RCencryption.
A ____ is any device such as a remote access server, wireless access point, or VPN concentrator, that accepts remote connections from remote access clients. It can be an NPS, which replaces the IAS from previous versions of Windows Server.
RADIUS client
____ route traffic based on information they discover about remote networks from other routers.
Dynamic protocols
With RRAS, network adapters are added and configured to listen for UDP broadcast messages. T or F
Demand-dial routing allows a server to initiate a connection only when it receives data traffic bound for a remote network. Prior to the proliferation of broadband Internet connections, DUN was common for connecting remote users to their networks using a standard phone line. Both statements are ______. (True or False)
Sent by the RADIUS server in response to the Accounting-Request message.
Sent by a RADIUS server in response to an Access-Request message. This message informs the RADIUS client that the connection attempt is authenticated and authorized.
Sent by a RADIUS client to request authentication and authorization for a network access connection attempt.
Sent by a RADIUS server in response to an Access-Request message.
Can be used to securely connect remote networks, such as a branch office network, to its central corporate network.
Sent by a RADIUS server in response to an Access-Request message. This message informs the RADIUS client that the connection attempt is rejected.
Column on a routing table that displays the cost of using a specific route.
Sent by a RADIUS client to specify accounting information for a connection that was accepted.
A(n) ____ is a setting used to route RADIUS messages between the access client and the appropriate RADIUS server.
RADIUS proxy
A ____ is responsible for providing network access to remote access clients such as users needing VPN or dial-in network access.
network access server
____ uses PPP to encapsulate traffic for transmission across network using a secure socket layer (SSL) connection.
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
____ are used on networks to perform authentication, authorization, and accounting for RADIUS clients, or convey authentication requests to other centralized authenticating systems.
RADIUS servers
A UDP relay agent manages the communication between a network's DHCP server and clients on subnets without a DHCP server. T or F