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During the flu season, you get exposed to the influenza virus. Which component of your immune system will be the first to respond to this foreign pathogen?
a) Innate
b) Adaptive
c) Humoral
d) T-cell mediated


The following season, you are concerned about getting the flu again. Which of the following statements are true?
a) You continue to be at risk because nothing can protect you from reinfection.
b) Vaccination for prevalent strains of influenza virus can provide improved protection against the diesase.
c) Premedication with immunosuppressants will provide protection against infection
d) Because you have had the flu once, you will be protected from getting it again


Immune suppression in AIDS is related to
a) Decreased platelet count
b) Decreased red blood cell count
c) Decreased lymphocyte count
d) Elevated lymphocyte count


Which of the following conditions represents pathologic responses caused by immunologic memory?
a) Common cold
b) Anaphylaxis
c) Shingles
d) Strep throat


The pathology related to systemic lupus erythematosus is due to:
a) Neutrophil activation
b) Delayed immunity
c) Immunosuppression
d) Immune complex deposition


Immunodeficiency is the result of:
a) Failure of host defense mechanisms
b) Hypersensitive immune responses
c) Inappropriate immune response to self
d) Immune response stimulated by antigens from other individuals


A hypersensitivity reaction resulting from a yellow jacket sting is an example of:
a) Type 1, Immediate hypersensitivity reaction
b) Type 2, antibody-mediated reaction
c) Type 3, immune complex reaction
d) Type 4, cell-mediated reaction


A hypersensitivity reaction resulting from complement activation due to insoluble antigen-antibody deposition is an example of:
a) Type 1, immediate hypersensitivity reaction
b) Type 2, antibody-mediate reaction
c) Type 3, immune complex reaction
d) Type 4, cell-mediated reaction


Autoimmunity may be triggered by which one of the following?
a) Elimination of self-reactive lymphocytes in central lymphoid tissues
b) Persistent lymphocyte ignorance
c) Impaired T-cell activation
d) Close resemblace between foreign and self-antigen


Treatment of an altered immune response with corticosteriods is associated with which one of the following adverse effects?
a) Decreased blood sugar
b) Loss of bone mineral
c) Thickening of the skin
d) Weight loss


The transfer of secretory IgA from mother to infant during breast feeding is an example of:
a) Hypersensitivity reaction
b) Active immunity
c) Passive immunity
d) Alloimmunity


Which of the following is true regarding cytotoxic CD8 T lymphocytes?a) Recognize the MHC class 1 antigen complex
b) Recognize the MHC class 2-antigen complex
c) Carry the CD4 marker
d) Present antigen to B lymphocytes for antibody production


Which of the following are considered antigen-presenting cells?
a) Dendritic cells
b) Eosinophils
c) B lymphocytes
d) T lymphocytes


Which of the following markers identifies a nucleated body cell?
a) cd4
b) B-cell receptor
c) mhc1
d) mhc2


Which of the following is true regarding pharmacologic treatment for AIDS?
a) Drugs are used to target increased red blood cell number
b) Drugs are used to target increased white blood cell number
c) Drugs are used to increase host DNA replication
d) Drugs are used to inhibit HIV replication

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