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Leydig cells

These cells contain the LH-R, lie outside the seminiferous tubule, and produce testosterone

Sertoli cells

These cells contain the FSH-R, lie within the seminiferous tubule, and produce a number of products (ex. MIF, ABP, inhibin)

Androgen binding protein

This product of the sertoli cells sequesters large concentrations of testosterone within the seminiferous tubule


This product of the Sertoli cells inhibits production of FSH in the pituitary


This hypothalamic hormone stimulates the production of FSH and LH


This testicular product negatively feeds back to inhibit LH and GnRH production


This enzyme converts both DHEA and androstenedione into testosterone

5-alpha reductase

This enzyme peripherally converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone


The action of aromatases converts testosterone to this

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Most serum testosterone is bound to this protein


Most serum estradiol is bound to this protein


This 5-alpha reductase antagonist is used in the medical treatment of prostate cancer

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