Female Reproductive Endocrinology

17 terms by tmclaughlin

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Cells in this part of a follicle produce androgens


This hormone signals the theca to produce androgens


This is the day in the cycle on which menses begins


This hormone is necessary for the development of the follicular antrum


This part of a follicle is responsible for estradiol production


This is the predominant androgen produced in the theca and exported to the granulosa


This hormone starts a signaling cascade in the granulosa cell that allows conversion of androstenedione to estrone


Androstenedione is converted to this estrogen in the granulosa cell


These hormones cause vasospasm during menses, decreasing bleeding


This hormone is critical for endometrial growth


In the early/mid follicular phase, this hormone negatively feeds back upon GnRH, FSH and LH


In the late follicular phase, is estrogen feedback positive or negative upon GnRH


This granulosa product negatively feeds back on FSH in the late follicular phase


This hormone positively feeds back on LH and GnRH during the late follicular phase

corpus luteum

After ovulation, this is the source of estrogen, progesterone and inhibin


In the luteal phase, is estrogen feedback positive or negative upon GnRH


Pubic/axillary hair growth and libido are caused by these in women

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