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  1. Raconte!
  2. Pauvre vieux/vieille!
  3. rendre les interros
  4. rater le bus
  5. rater une marche
  1. a to return tests
  2. b to miss the bus
  3. c to miss a step
  4. d Tell me!
  5. e You poor thing!

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  1. To have a horrible day
  2. What a weekend!
  3. What's going on?
  4. It's not serious.
  5. You look like something's wrong.

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  1. C'est inadmissible.That's unacceptable.


  2. C'était incroyable!It was amazing/unbelievably bad!


  3. déchirerto rip, tear


  4. Je suis pas doué(e) pour...I'm pretty good at...


  5. Ne recommence pas.Tell me!