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  1. J'ai du mal à comprendre.
  2. C'est pas grave.
  3. Comment se sont passées tes vacances?
  4. Chapeau!
  5. Courage!
  1. a I have a hard time understanding.
  2. b How was your vacation?
  3. c Well done!
  4. d Hang in there!
  5. e It's not serious.

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  1. to get a bad grade
  2. to return tests
  3. Oh no!
  4. How was your weekend?
  5. to arrive late to school

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  1. les interrosPop quizzes


  2. Ça s'est trés bien passé!It went really well!


  3. Raconte!Tell me!


  4. Félicitations!Congratulations!


  5. Quelle journée!What a weekend!