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  1. Tu ne dois pas faire le clown en class!
  2. Raconte!
  3. rendre les interros
  4. Je suis pas doué(e) pour...
  5. C'est pas chance, ça!
  1. a Tell me!
  2. b to return tests
  3. c I don't have a talent for...
  4. d You can't be goofing off in class!
  5. e Tough luck!

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  1. my strong point.
  2. What a day!
  3. to hear the alarm clock
  4. Hang in there!
  5. Compositions

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  1. C'était incroyable!It was amazing/unbelievably bad!


  2. les interroshomework


  3. .........,c'est pas mon fort....isn't my best subject.


  4. rater le busto miss the bus


  5. tomberto fall


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