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  1. Comment se sont passées tes vacances?
  2. les devoirs
  3. Félicitations!
  4. la cantine
  5. J'ai passé une journée horrible!
  1. a Congratulations!
  2. b I had a terrible day!
  3. c Cafeteria. The order of lunch goes: first course, main dish with vegetables, then cheese, fruit, or yogurt. Lunch lasts about two hours.
  4. d How was your vacation?
  5. e homework

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  1. Oral presentations
  2. A special notebook in which your behavior is recorded. (tardies, etc.) The carnet is used less with older students and parents must sign any notes written in the carnet so they are aware of their child's behavior.
  3. How was your day?
  4. What's going on?
  5. to lose

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  1. les interrosPop quizzes


  2. les interros écrites ou oralesPop quizzes


  3. Pauvre vieux/vieille!You poor thing!


  4. C'était incroyable!That's unacceptable.


  5. Ne recommence pas.Don't do it again.


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