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  1. concord
  2. rational
  3. prestige
  4. subordinate
  5. comprehensive
  1. a or lesser importance or rank
  2. b high status, good reputation
  3. c of broad scope, including everything
  4. d agreement, harmony
  5. e reasonable

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  1. a roundabout way of saying something
  2. to steal money entrusted to one's care
  3. skilled and persuasive in speaking
  4. to remove or destroy completely
  5. thinly scattered, scanty

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  1. indentationa notch or depression


  2. somberto be slow and reluctant to leave


  3. idiosyncraticunchanging, motionless


  4. convivialhaving a friendly, festive atmosphere


  5. relishto approve and accept formally


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