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  1. arbitrary
  2. accord
  3. amiable
  4. frail
  5. ratify
  1. a agreement
  2. b to approve and accept formally
  3. c weak
  4. d based not on a rule but on luck or whim
  5. e friendly, good-natured

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  1. to keep within limits
  2. without pity, cruel, merciless
  3. to scorn or scoff at (especially rules)
  4. to confuse or jumble; to distort
  5. to be slow and reluctant to leave

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  1. documentto support with specific evidence


  2. insolventunable to pay one's debts


  3. alienforeign, unfamiliar, strange


  4. staticthinly scattered, scanty


  5. sparseto confuse or jumble; to distort