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identify basic music symbols

time signature

tells how many beats are in each measure and what kind of note gets one beat


space between two barlines

eighth notes

two eighth notes connected with a beam, equal to one beat

eighth rest

gets one half count of silence

bar line

divides the staff into measures

bass clef

Used for the lower sounding pitches. Also called F clef.

double bar

shows the end of a piece of music


gradually decreasing in volume, also written as decresc.

dotted half note

gets 3 counts of sound

eighth note

gets one-half count of sound


hold the note or rest longer than its time value


loud volume

half note

gets 2 counts of sound

half rest

gets 2 counts of silence


lowers the pitch of a note by one-half step

mezzo forte

medium loud volume


cancels the effect of a flat or sharp


soft volume

quarter note

gets one count of sound

quarter rest

gets one count of silence


go back and play again


raises the pitch of a note by one-half step


the 5 lines and 4 spaces on which music is written

treble clef

Used for the higher sounding pitches. Also known as the G clef.

whole note

gets 4 counts of sound

whole rest

gets 4 counts of silence


gradually decreasing in volume

multiple measure rest

more than one measure rest


play the note with more emphasis


very loud

key signature

flats or sharps placed between the clef sign and time signature


play smooth and connected

mezzo piano

medium loud


very soft


play the notes short and detached


gradually slowing down


2 or more notes of the same pitch, connected with a curved line, add the time values together and play as one note


2 or more notes of different pitch, connected with a curve line, tongue the first note and smoothly connect the other notes

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