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  1. Exchange of Populations
  2. Zionism
  3. End of the Sultanate
  4. Theodore Herzl
  5. First Zionist Congress
  1. a In 1922 all the Greeks had to leave Turkey and all the Turks had to leave Greece
  2. b a movement that calls for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine
  3. c Wrote book, "The Jewish State" and founded Zionism
  4. d 1923
  5. e Met in Basel in 1897 and created the World Zionist Organization

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  1. Persia
  2. Purchased land in Palestine from the Ottomans
  3. Restored order to Persia after the chaos following World War I
  4. Oil
  5. financial support of US and Germany

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  1. British after World War IIA battlefield for Russian, British, and Turkish troops


  2. Balfour Declarationthe government taking over industries


  3. Arab High CommitteeFormed in 1936 to oppose Jewish immigration to Palestine


  4. Sharif HusaynFaisal and Abdullah's father, to whom the British promised a large Arab Kingdom


  5. Result of Russian/British invasion of Iran 1941Reza Shah dethroned and Muhammed Reza Shah Pahlavi put on throne