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  1. New name for Constantinople
  2. Faisal in Syria
  3. coup d'etat
  4. Lebanese National Pact of 1943
  5. Battle of Gallipoli
  1. a Tried to set up an independent country, supported by Britain
  2. b sudden seizure of power by a group of persons in authority
  3. c In 1915 the British and French failed in the attempt to seize the Dardanelles
  4. d Istanbul
  5. e Ended French Mandate and made Lebanon an Arab country

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  1. the government taking over industries
  2. French leader who gave Algeria independence
  3. Became prime minister in 1923, then Shah, in 1925 of Iran
  4. A failed union of Egypt and Syria that lasted from 1958-1961
  5. Made King of Transjordan by the British in 1921

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  1. Theodore HerzlHappened in 1967 and resulted in Israeli conquest of the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, and Jerusalem


  2. PartitionThe League of Nations gave Britain and France the right to rule territories of the Middle East


  3. The importance of the Middle East to the British after World War IAs a gateway to India


  4. Shah's coup of 1953French leader who gave Algeria independence


  5. The British White PaperPublished in 1939 limited to 75,000 the number of Jews who could enter Palestine