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  1. One reason for economic success of Israel
  2. Iran
  3. Exchange of Populations
  4. The Jewish National Fund
  5. Result of Russian/British invasion of Iran 1941
  1. a financial support of US and Germany
  2. b In 1922 all the Greeks had to leave Turkey and all the Turks had to leave Greece
  3. c Purchased land in Palestine from the Ottomans
  4. d Persia
  5. e Reza Shah dethroned and Muhammed Reza Shah Pahlavi put on throne

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  1. The Suez Canal is at last in Egyptian hands
  2. Overthrew democratically elected government of Iran and gave Shah more power
  3. 1920
  4. Israel controlled 77% of Palestine
  5. New laws, end to foreign privileges, freedom for women, education

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  1. NATOA military alliance that includes the US, W. Europe, and Turkey


  2. Central Powers in World War IExhausted and unable to manage the mess in Palestine


  3. White RevolutionDivision of Palestine between Arabs and Jews by UN


  4. May 15, 1948War declared on Israel by Arab nations


  5. Six-day WarBecame prime minister in 1923, then Shah, in 1925 of Iran