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  1. Battle of Gallipoli
  2. Iran
  3. The main power in the Middle East until 1945
  4. Algerian Civil War
  5. Faisal in Syria
  1. a Great Britain
  2. b Persia
  3. c From 1954 to 1962 - 250,000 people died
  4. d Tried to set up an independent country, supported by Britain
  5. e In 1915 the British and French failed in the attempt to seize the Dardanelles

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  1. Revolution in Egypt against the British and King Farouk
  2. Oil
  3. the majority of its people were Christian
  4. financial support of US and Germany
  5. Published in 1939 limited to 75,000 the number of Jews who could enter Palestine

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  1. AbdullahMade King of Transjordan by the British in 1921


  2. British after World War IIGermany, Austria-Hungary, allied with Ottoman Empire


  3. Shah's coup of 1953War declared on Israel by Arab nations


  4. Lebanon was carved out of this countrySyria


  5. Importance of Suez CanalTransport of Oil


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