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  1. Anglo-Persian Treaty of 1919
  2. Reza Shah's reforms
  3. Non-allignment
  4. Concessions
  5. Sykes-Picot Agreement
  1. a where a nation, such as Egypt, refuses to allign with either of the great powers
  2. b Secret agreement between British and French in 1916 to divide the Ottoman Empire
  3. c Restored order to Persia after the chaos following World War I
  4. d New laws, end to foreign privileges, freedom for women, education
  5. e A government allows a foreign company to tap its oil resources

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  1. Published in 1939 limited to 75,000 the number of Jews who could enter Palestine
  2. Happened in 1967 and resulted in Israeli conquest of the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, and Jerusalem
  3. 1920
  4. the government taking over industries
  5. Separation of Church and State and government on European model

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  1. Balfour DeclarationOfficer of 1948 war who became leader of independent Egypt


  2. Lebanon was carved out of this countrySyria


  3. First Zionist CongressMet in Basel in 1897 and created the World Zionist Organization


  4. The main power in the Middle East until 1945France, Russia, and Britain


  5. Arab LeagueOrganization of Arab nations in 1945 to defend Arab cause in Palestine