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Vocabulary List Example for Qatar TESOL/QU Conference

FL1070 Vocabulary List

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adjustment (n)
a change you make to something to make it better
ambition (n)
something you want to achieve in your life
approach (n)
a way of doing something
assumption (n)
a belief that something is true without question or proof
commitment (n)
a promise or firm decision to do something
generosity (n)
giving people a lot of time, money, or presents in a kind way
impact (n)
the effect on someone or something
network (n)
a group of people who know each other or work together
transition (n)
a change
aim (v)
direct information, a product, or an action at a particular group
attend (v)
to go to an event or school
distribute (v)
to give something out to people or places
enable (v)
to make something possible, to help someone be able to do something
encourage (v)
to make something more likely to happen, to make someone more likely to do something
expand (v)
to make something increase
inspire (v)
to make someone feel that they can do something
owe (v)
to have or achieve something because of someone or something else
measureable (adj)
something that is big enough to be measured for size, weight, speed, etc...
proud (adj)
feeling very pleased about something you have done
extremely (adv)
very, or much more than usual
analysis (n)
looking at all of the details of something
circumstance (n)
the facts or events that make a situation the way it is
independence (n)
being able to look after yourself and not needing help or permission from others
outcome (n)
the final result of an activity
pleasure (n)
a feeling of happiness or enjoyment
acquire (v)
to get something
conduct (v)
to organize or do something
demonstrate (v)
to show or prove that something is true
associated with (adj)
connected or related to something or someone
complicated (adj)
difficult, not simple or easy
destructive (adj)
causing a lot of damage
dramatic (adj)
very sudden or noticeable
immediate (adj)
without waiting, right now
persuasive (adj)
able to make people agree to do something
absolutely (adv)
used to strongly agree or disagree with someone or something
finally (adv)
used to introduce the last point or example in an essay or presentation
somewhat (adv)
a little bit, slightly
wholly (adv)
burn out (phrasal verb)
to become sick or very tired from working to hard
wear off (phrasal verb)
to slowly disappear
in conclusion (phrase)
to start giving the summary in an essay or presentation
in summary (phrase)
to give a short description of the main points given in an essay or presentation
kindness (n)
friendly behavior