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Everything that was taught in class about the chapter

What is high culture

1) Societies elite (high class) <Country Club members>

What is popular culture

A wide spread pattern < Baseball games, Youtube>

What is culture

The values , beliefs, behavior and material objects that together form a peoples way of life

What is culture shock

The feelings of surprise and disorientation that is experienced when people encounter cultural practices different from their own

What is ethnocentrism

The tendency to assume that one's own culture and way of life represent the norm or are superior to all others

What is cultural Relativism

The viewing of people's behaviors from the perspective of their own culture

What is non material culture

Intangible world of ideas created by members of society

What is material culture

Tangible things created by members of a society

What are the five aspect of non material culture

Language, Symbol, Value, Belief, Norms

What is language

A system of symbols used to allow people to communicate

What is symbol

1) Anything that has a meaning for a culture 2) Shapes reality 3) varies from culture to culture and varies within one culture

What is value

Is culturally defined as the Idea about what is good, beautiful and desirable <Broad Guildelines>

What are Beliefs

Specific statements people hold to be true

What is Norms

1) Rules and expectations of a culture 2) guide the behaviors of society members

What is Formal Norm

Norms that general have been written down and that specify strict rules for punishment of violations

What is Informal Norm

Norms that are generally understood but are not precisely recorded

What is Mores

Norms deemed highly necessary to the welfare of a society

What is Folkways

Norms governing everyday social behavior whose violation raises comparatively little concern

What is proscriptive norm

Norms that tell us what not to do <Strong NO messeges>

What is prescriptive norm

Norms that tell us what to do <Strong yes messages>

What mechanisms cause culture to change

1) Invention- a creation of something new 2) Discovery - something that has already been there but we hadto knowledge of it 3) Diffusion- merging of a culture into another culture 4) cultureal intergration - various aspects od culture are closey related 5) culture lag - when element of culture changes faster than others

What is subculture

A segment of society that shares a distinctive pattern of mores, folkways and values that differs from the pattern of the larger society <Gothic, Punks, Cowboys>

What is countercultures

A subculture that deliberately opposes certain aspects of the larger culture< KKK, The Amish, Terrosim>

Analyzing Rave culture using the Five aspects of non material

Symbols ( Lasers, Glow Sticks)/ Values (Dancing, Self-Expression and Enjoyment)/ Language (Dancing, Cursing, Slang)/ Norms (Drugs, Younger individuals doing harder forms of drugs, and Cursing)/ Beliefs ( Believe that you should dance and they do it for fun and not just for the money)

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