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At the site of implantation, this multi-nucleate mass invates the endometrium


These hormones increase vascularization of the endometrium

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin

This hormone produced by the blastocyst and early placenta maintains the corpus luteum


This is produced by the placenta, and stimulates myometrial and mammary gland development


This is the source of estrogen production during late pregnancy


This hormone inhibits follicular development and spontaneous uterine contractions


This is the source of progesterone production during late pregnancy

Human Placental Lactogen

This hormone lowers maternal glucose use, and prepares the mammary gland for lactation


This hormone softens the cervix and loosens connective tissue


Continuing pregnancy is dependent on the ovary until this many weeks gestation


This is the highest-produced estrogen during pregnancy


This hormone positively feeds-back to increase uterine contractions during labour

estradiol and progesterone

These hormones inhibit prolactin action during pregnancy


This hormone tonically inhibits prolactin production and release


The fetus is sexually bipotential until this many weeks gestation

Mullerian ducts

In the absence of male hormones, these develop into the vagina, uterus and Fallopian tubes

Wolffian ducts

In the male, these develop into the vas deferens

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