FCM1 yin yang

26 terms by snabate

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yin season

Autumn, Winter

yin brightness


yin temperature


yin weight


yin function

Blood & Construction, Calm, weakness

yin sex


yin time


yin tissue & organs

Bone, sinew, viscera

yin space


yin pulse

Slow, deep, rough, vacuous, small & fine

yin body part

interior, abnomen

yin motion

Downward, inward, relative stasis

yin pattern

interior, vacuity

yang weight


yang temperature


yang sex


yang brightness


yang time


yang space


yang motion

Upwards & Outwards, evident motion

yang pulse

Rapid, floating, slippery, replete, large & surging

yang tissue & organs

Skin, body hair, bowels

yang function

Qi and Defense, agitation, strength

yang body part

exterior, back

yang season

spring, summer

yang pattern

Exterior, repletion

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