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The first scene takes place in what year?
May 1610.
What was the name of the ship carrying cargo that would change America Forever?
What was the name of the 24 year old farmer who came to America with his own American dream?
John Rolfe.
What was the most valuable resource in America during that time?
Name at least one valuable resource underground.
John Rolfe found Jamestown to be facing what?
What was the name of the INdian girl whom John Rolfe married?
WHat was the name given to Jamestown after growing a profitable crop?
Boom Town.
Which group of people played a shaping role in the creation of the colonies?
What was the largest export for Virginia during the next century and a half?
Where did the next group of settlers land, which was 450 miles up the coast from Jamestown?
A group of settlers came to America on a bat called what?
What was the name of this group of settlers?
What was this group of settlers seeking?
Religious Freedom.
What percent of Americans can trace their ancestry back to the Mayflower?
What did the Indians want in return for helping the Pilgrims?
Help with lands.
The Indians and Pilgrims celebrated this feast together.
In 1768, the British had a surprise attack on this American ship belonging to John Hancock.
Rebellion broke out over waht?
Taxes and wine.
THe king sent how many redcoats to Boston to enforce his laws?
HOw many British ships were built in the colonies?
200 1/3
He was one of Boston's most prominent businessmen and a silversmith.
Paul Revear.
How many slaves came to America between 1700 and 1800?
On March 5, 1770, who lit the fuse that started a riot in a Boston Street?
Edward Garrett.
How many colonists were killed on this Boston street?
THe title given to this unrest was called what?
The bloody Masacre.
How did the news of the massacre spread throughout the colonies?
This was the name of the Boston newspaper.
England repeals all taxes except this tax.
This boundary was set up to the west of Boston due to settlers heading West.
Proclamation line.
This congress was set up to make peace with Britain and for the future of the colonies.
First continental congress.
This colonist was called the Midnight rider and warned that the British were coming.
Paul Revear.
No one knew who fired the first shot in this city that starts these first Revolutionary battles.
To give up any claims to territories.
Branch of the government that carries out the laws.
Executive brach.
Make changes to a document.
Carry out; do what is required.
List of the freedoms that the government promises to protect.
Bill of Rights.
Settlement in which each side gives up some of its demands in order to reach an agreement.
Period when business activity slows, prices and waged fall, and unemployment rises.
Document that sets out the laws, principles, organization, and processes of a government.
Branch of the government that passes the laws.
Legislative branch.
Branch of the government that decides if the laws were carried out fairly.
Judicial branch.
Plan at the Constitutional Convention that settled the differences between large and small states.
Great Compromise.
People who opposed the Constitution and a strong national government.
Law setting up a system for settling the Northwest Territory.
Land Ordinance of 1785.
Plan at the Constitutional Convention that called for a strong national government with three branches and a two-house legislature.
Virginia Plan.
Agreement at the Constitutional Convention that three-fifths of the slaves in any state be counted in its population.
3/5 Compromise.
First American Constitution which created a loose alliance of 13 independent states.
Articles of Confederation.
Plan at the Constitutional Convention that called for three branches of government with a single-house legislature.
New Jersey.
Supporters of the Constitution who favored a strong federal government.
A 1786 revolt in Massachusetts led by farmers in reaction to high taxes.
Shays Rebellion.
A series of essays by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay in support of ratifying the constitution.
Federalist Papers.
Strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
Government could trade with foreign countries, Declared War.
Couldn't resolve conflicts, couldn't tax.
How did a territory become a state?
A territory with 60,000 free settlers could ask to be admitted as a new state to the nation.
Explain at least one difference between the two Rival Plans. (The VIrginia and the New Jersey Plans)
The Virginia Plan: Called for a strong national government, with 3 branches, 2 houses.
The New Jersey Plan: Called for 3 branches of government but only 1 house.
What was the Great Compromise?
A settlement in which each side gives up some of it's demands in order to reach an agreement. A 2- housed legislature.
What was the difference between the Federalists and the Antifederalists?
Federalist: Believe in Constitution and Supported.
Antifederalist: Believed in Central Government.
Carried out, the laws.
Lists freedoms the government promised to protect.
The Bill of Rights.
Set up a loose alliance of the 13 states.
Articles of Confederation.
Set up rules for settling the Northwest Territory
Land Ordinance.
Set up a government for the Northwest Territory
Northwest Ordinance.
Makes sure the laws are carried out fairly.
Judicial branch.
James Madison's Plan for a new government provided for two- house legislature.
Virginia Plan.
William Paterson's Plan that supported the small states.
New Jersey Plan.
The first state to ratify the Constitution.
To approve the Constitution.
Amendment that protects freedom of religion, speech, and the press.
First Amendment.
Assembly that proposed the first 10 amendments.
Today the population in New York City is over 8 million, but in 1776 the population was only......
Who was the commander of the American army during 1776?
George Washington.
The british had been driven out of what New England city?
Britain sent a total of how many ships to terrify the colonies to surrender?
On July 2, 1776, 50 delegates of the Continental congress debated on...
Total independence from Britain.
The declaration of Independence is the American Creed for...
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The british troops were how many miles from their home?
The biggest attack on New York City until what date?
September, 11, 2001.
The British were fighting for he King while the rebels were fighting for their....
How many British troops stormed Manhattan?
On september 20, 1776, who won control of New York City?
Where did the British place their P.O.W's during the war in New York CIty?
HMS Jersey Prison Ships.
Was New York CIty General George Washington's first defeat?
What was the British General John Burgoyne's plan for victory against the rebels?
Kill off the American Revolution once and for all. and cut the colonies into two parts.
Who was Britain's worst enemy after winning New York CIty?
Americas Frontier.
Washington's new weapons were.....
Sharpshooters, Huntsman.
Trees became.............. for the Rebels against the British.
The British became............ because rebels had sharpshooters who knew the land.
Siting docks.
What was Daniel Morgan's first plan for taking out General Burgoyne's troops?
First take out Native Scouts, Leave them footless.
The second year of the war's fighting was near which city?
Saratoga New York.
Morgan's second plan to defeat the British was to.......
Take out Simone Frazier.
By taking out the British officer Simone Frazier, it would leave the British soldiers....
without leadership.
On October 17, 1777 General George Burgoyne......
What country joins the American as an ally against Britain?
What place was General Washington's greatest challenge after the Battle of Saratoga?
Valley Forge.
What were some of the hardships for the American army in this location during the war?
No housing, no shoes.
Sixty percent of Washington's troops were....
Convicts, free slaves, and immigrants.
What other enemy did Washington's troops face that was greater than the British?
Small Pox.
Who was the new recruit that helped General Washington with his rag tag troops.
Von Steuben.
What was Von Steuben's greatest contribution to the American army and its method is still used today?
Writes a manual on military training.
Von Steuben also brought.......... to the troops.
Orders, discipline and Hygiene.
What secret was raging in New York City?
Spy Tactics.
Who saved the American French allies from a British attack?
Washington's secret army of spies.
On October 17, 1781, the American Revolution came to head in this Virginia city...
What things did washington's army reinvent itself with?
d.Spy Network.
How many years did the American Revolution last?
The united States is the only....... to achieve independence from Britain during war time.
On what date did Washington become the first President under the new Constitution?
April 30, 1789.
Approximately how many men lost their lives in the battle for independence?
Many Loyalists fought on the side of the patriots..........
The Battle of Bunker Hill was a victory for the British......
The King of England favored giving the colonies their independence.....
On july 4, 1776, the delegates ratified a document that changed the world.....
The British used their warships as prisons for their P.O.W.s.....
Wrote the Declaration of Independence...
Thomas Jefferson.
Became the first President under the new Constitution....
George Washington.
Washington's recruit who helped with his rag tag troops...
Friedrich von Steuben.
Wrote the pamphlet Common Sense...
Thomas Paine.
Surrendered at Saratoga...
General John Burgoyne.
Introduction to a formal document...
Person who betrays his or her country...
The shutting of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out...
Soldiers who fight merely for pay, often for a foreign country..
Rights that belong to all people from birth...
Natural Rights.
Battle begun with Washington's crossing of the Delaware...
First major battle of the Revolutionary War...
Bunker Hill.
Burgoyne's surrender, marking the war's turning point..
Final major battle of the American Revolution ending the war...
Washington's first defeat....
Long Island.
An advantage for the Patriots...
Skilled rifle shooters.
What advantage helped George Washington to regain Boston during the Revolution..
Cannons and gunpowder which the Green Mountain Boys captured from Fort Ticonderoga.
What lists identifies the three main ideas in the Declaration of Independence?
Natural Rights, British Wrongs, Independence.
What country was the only one to win independence from Britain?
United States.
What battles were the start of the American Revolution?
The battles at Lexington and Concord.
Natural Rights:
Rights that all people are given to from birth.
British Wrongs:
Lists the reasons:taxation b Britain, why we cut Intolerable Acts away from Britain.
America's Independence:
Announces our freedom that the united states is a free and independent nation and all ties to Britain have been cut.
Polish officer who trained troops on horseback:
Casimir Pulaski.
He went behind British lines to get information for General George Washington:
Nathan Hale.
American traitor who helped the British during the American Revolution:
Benedict Arnold.
He helped turn the tide in the Southern battles for the Americans:
Daniel Morgan.
He introduced a resolution for independence from Britain in Congress:
Richard Henry Lee.
Sail completely around the world:
A moment in history that makes a decisive change:
Turning point.
A group of people who settle in a distant land but are still ruled by their native government:
Global exchange of ideas, products, and technology:
Colombian Exchange.
Explorer who reached the West Indies and claimed it for Spain:
Christopher Columbus.
Explored the Panama and claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain:
Vasco Nunez de Balboa.
First European to sail around the South America and Circumnavigate the globe:
Ferdinand Magellan.
Viking who reached the northern tip of North America:
Leif Ericson.
East and West Hemispheres sparked a __________ of goods and ideas.
Global Exchange.
Exploration set off a global exchange by.....
The encounter between people of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
How did the Europeans influence Native Americans?
Europeans introduced Native Americans to domestic animals.
The Virginia Company changed the colony's government. Male settlers gained the right to elect burgesses who met in assembly and made laws for the colony:
Representative Government.
Sir Walter Raleigh transported colonists to North America to establish a settlement called Roanoke:
The first English Colony.
The First colonists were mostly men. Gradually more women and Africans were brought to the colony in its early years:
Vasco Nunez de Balboa.
The Virginia Company established a colony along the James River, Colonists did not plant enough food crops because they wanted to search for gold:
Ferdinand Magellan.
A legal document giving certain rights to a person or Company:
First representative government body in the English colony:
House of Burgesses.
Representatives to the government:
Voters elect representatives to make laws for them:
Representative government.