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  1. tengo que leer
  2. sé leer
  3. me olvido de leer
  4. hay que leer
  5. dejo de leer
  1. a one has to read
  2. b i forget to read
  3. c i have to read
  4. d i know how to read
  5. e i stop reading

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  1. it is important to read
  2. i am going to read
  3. i feel like reading
  4. i really don't like to read
  5. it is bad to read

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  1. quiero leeri can / am able to read


  2. trato de leeri have just read


  3. me gusta mucho leeri really like to read


  4. después de leerafter reading


  5. necesito leeri want to read