23 terms

Lesson 4.3 Practice Quiz

nature, satan, sickness, death
What areas of Jesus' sovereignty is seen in Mark 4:35-6:6?
Where did the demoniac live?
they were afraid
What does the fact that the people of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave their area teach us about them?
lack of faith
What was the number one sin of Jesus' disciples?
He spoke to it
How did Jesus rebuke the storm in Mark 4?
For whom is Jesus' power available?
Faith involves ___.
to show a greater demonstration of His power
Why does the Lord sometimes delay answering?
12 years
How long had the woman of Mark 5 been bleeding?
posture, passion, purpose
What did Jesus restore to the demon-possessed man?
The answer to fear is ___.
What was the name of the demons in the possessed man?
faith; trust in Jesus
How was the woman with the issue of blood healed?
Jesus has power over death
What does Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead teach us about Jesus?
Jesus is Lord over creation
What does the miracle of Jesus calming the storm teach us about Him?
Jesus has power over the spiritual realm
What does the miracle of Jesus casting out the demons teach us about Him?
because of their lack of faith
Why did Jesus not do miracles in Nazareth?
do not be afraid; only believe
What did Jesus say to Jairus once he found out his daughter had died?
they feared exceedingly
How did the disciples fear change while their were traveling across the Sea of Galilee?
Is it a sin to fear Jesus?
Jesus calms storm, casts out demon, heals woman, rejected at Nazareth
What is the order of events in Mark 5-6?
What principle is the Kingdom of Heaven built upon?
believing what God says
What is faith?