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  1. salado
  2. dar hambre
  3. dar sed
  4. no poder ni ver algo (o alguien)
  5. nunca digas de esta agua no beberé
  1. a to make someone thirsty
  2. b not to be able to stand something (or someone)
  3. c salty
  4. d to make someone hungry
  5. e you can never say that you won't do something

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  1. to be in charge of
  2. to look good (bad)
  3. to be worth it
  4. to order, to individual taste
  5. to (not) understand

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  1. contundentesurprising


  2. estar para chuparse los dedosto be finger-licking good


  3. amargobitter


  4. espeluznantehorrifying, terrifying


  5. hace un ratoa while ago