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  1. ponerse como una sopa
  2. no poder ni ver algo (o alguien)
  3. crudo
  4. esmerado
  5. además de
  1. a besides, apart from
  2. b to get soaked
  3. c careful, meticulous
  4. d raw
  5. e not to be able to stand something (or someone)

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  1. within reach of
  2. to be in vogue, fashion
  3. to set the table
  4. to be easy (hard) on the eyes
  5. to be nasty

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  1. copiosohaving a sweet tooth


  2. amargowide


  3. eficazgood, delicious


  4. ser como pan comidoto get very red


  5. darle ascoto make someone thirsty


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