IGCSE Review C14.1 Fuels

What are some fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide on combustion?
Coal, natural gas, and petroleum.
What is the main constituent of natural gas?
What could you describe petroleum as?
A mixture of hydrocarbons and its sepatation into useful fractions by fractional distillation.
State the use of refinery gas.
This is bottled and used for heating.
State the use of gasoline.
The petrol used to fuel our cars.
State the use of diesel oil.
Used in diesel engines; particularily for large vehicles.
Crude Oil
Oil is a mixture of hundreds of hydrocarbons. This mixture must be separated into its useful components by fractional distillation.
Fractional Distillation
Very hot crude oil is pumped into the fractionating column where the hydrocarbons separate out by their boiling points, rising through the column until they get cold enough to condense. The compounds that condense at a particular temperature are called a fraction.