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Layers of the Earth

outermost layer of the earth
Facts about the crust
all different types of rocks, least dense layer of the earth, makes up 1% of the Earth's Mass
Facts about the oceanic crust
5-10 km thick, below the ocean
Facts about the continental crust
15-70 km thick, thickest under the mountains
Mohorovicic Discontinuity
the breack between the crust and upper mantle
Facts about the mantle
makes up 83% of the Earth, extends to a depth of 2900 km
Facts about the upper mantle
rigid, crust + upper mantle = lithosphere
Facts about the lower mantle
plastic, made up of rock called peridotite, the "parent" rock of the crust
Facts about the outer core
molten iron, extends to a depth of 5140 km
Facts about the inner core
solid nickel/iron, creates the magnetic field, center is 6375 km from the surface
Order of the layers
crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, mantle, outer core, inner core