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The combined use of more than one media; text, image, sound, video etc...


A software program that allows you to create professional looking multimedia presentations


A single page of a presentation in a slide show.


The movement of text, graphics, or objects in a multimedia presentation


An effect that determines how one slide is removed from the screen and how the next appears

slide sorter

The view that displays miniature versions of the slides so that you can move and arrange slides easily by dragging


The view that allows you to run your presentation and preview how it will look


A shortcut that allows you to go from the presentation to another program, to a document, to a specific slide or to a website

slide master

Controls the formatting for all the slides in the presentation

design template

A predesigned model that you can apply to one or all of the background slides in a presentation


Empty Objects on a new slide that reserve a space for the type of information you want to insert.

blank presentation

Feature that lets you create a show from scratch, using whatever layout, format, colors, and styles you prefer

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