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13 terms

Math 6.4

McDougal Littel Geometry
a parallelogram with four congruent sides
a parallelogram with four right angles
a parallelogram with four congruent sides and four right angles (combination of a rhombus and a rectangle)
Rhombus Theorems
(1) a parallelogram is a rhombus if and only if its diagonals are perpendicular (2) A parallelogram is a rhombus is a rhombus if and only if each diagonal bisects a pair of opposite angles
Rectangle Theorems
(1) A parallelogram is a rectangle if and only if its diagonal are congruent
a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
Trapezoid's bases
the parallel side
Trapezoid's legs
the nonparallel sides
isosceles trapezoid
the legs of the trapezoid are congruent
Isosceles trapezoid Theorems
(1) a trapezoid is isosceles, then each pair of base angles congruent (2) Atrapezoid is isosceles if and only if its diagonals are congruent
Mid segment theorem for Trapezoids
The midsegment og a trapazoid is parallel to each base and its length is one half the sum of the lengths of the bases
a quadrilateral that has two pairs of consecutive congruent sides
Kite Theorems
(1) a quadrilateral is a kite, then its diagonals are perpendicular (2) If a quadrilatrilateral is a kite, then exactly one pair of opposite angles are congruent