10 terms

ss chapter 8

Silk roads
overland trade routes where traders carried silk and other goods along routes that pass through Mesopatamia and Europe.
if the trails stretched across the continents of europe and asia.
cultural diffusion
spead of ethnic ideas and customs to other areas of the world.
What else other than trade goods travelled on the silk roads?
ideas and cultural customs
What were the contribution and impact of the silk roads on chinese culture and history?
they were important because traders carried goods to trade. it began a huge global trade network.
give examples of cultural diffusion and how it benefits society?
centeral asian military methods, buddhism, western cultural styles that reached china.
What are some of the inventions during the Han Dynasty that left an impact on China and the world today?
Collar harnesses allowed horses to pull heavy loads, the wheel barrel made it easier for farmers to move heavy loads, water mills used river power to grinned grain.
what are 3 main things that china invented?
agricultural improvments,paper,silk
what two things influence china today?
confusism and dioism
where are most things made from?
china (toys clothes,shoes,etc.)