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cell membrane

thin flexible barrier around a cell, regulates what enters and leaves a cell.

cell wall

strong supporting layer around the cell membrane in plants, algea and some bacteria

lipid bilayer

double layered sheet that forms the core of nearly all cell membranes


the mass of solute in a given volume of solution or mass/volume


process by which molecules tend to move from an area where it is more concentrated to an area where is is less concentrated


when the concentration of a solute is the same throughout a solution


diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane.


when the contraction of 2 solutes is the same.


when comaring two solutions, the solution with the greater concentration of solutes


when comparing two solutions, the solution with the lesser concentration.

facilitated diffusion

movement of specific molecules across cell membranes through protein channels

active transport

energy-requiring process that moves material across the cell membrane against a concentration difference.


process by which a cell takes material into the cell by infolding of the cell membrane


process in which extentions of cytoplasm surround and engulf large particles and take them into the cell


process by which a cell a cell takes in liquid from the surrounding envirment


process by which a cell releases a large amount of material

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