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  1. Austere
  2. Bourgeois
  3. Impregnable
  4. Abject
  5. Felicitous
  1. a adjective: Totally safe from attack; invulnerable; impervious to outside influence.
  2. b noun: A member of the middle class.

    adjective: Dominated or characterized by materialistic and often frivolous pursuits or concerns.
  3. c adjective: Suitable; appropriate; well spoken; marked by happiness or good fortune. (germane).
  4. d adjective: Stern in manner or appearance.
  5. e adjective: Most unfortunate or miserable; pitiful.

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  1. noun: Public honor, recognition, or respect. (encomium).
  2. adjective: Fully aware or familiar; cognizant; up-to-date.
  3. verb: To overcome the distrust or animosity of someone. (mitigate, mollify, pacify, placate, propitiate, quell).
  4. adjective: Unrehearsed; done on the spur of the moment; impromptu.
  5. verb: To confine or seclude; to shut away from the world.

    noun: A place, especially a monastery or convent, devoted to religious seclusion.

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  1. Derogateverb: To deny (something) to oneself; restrain, especially from indulging in some pleasure. (ascetic).


  2. Alacritynoun: Cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed or quickness. (celerity).


  3. Aberrationnoun: A state or condition markedly different form the norm. (anomaly).


  4. Allaynoun: Symbolic representation; an extended metaphor in narrative form.


  5. Impudentadjective: Arrogant; audacious; characterized by an offensive boldness. (insolent, impertinent).