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  1. Au courant
  2. Conciliate
  3. Ablution
  4. Deciduous
  5. Bourgeois
  1. a verb: To overcome the distrust or animosity of someone. (mitigate, mollify, pacify, placate, propitiate, quell).
  2. b adjective: Losing leaves in the fall; short-lived; temporary. (evanescent).
  3. c noun: A member of the middle class.

    adjective: Dominated or characterized by materialistic and often frivolous pursuits or concerns.
  4. d adjective: Fully aware or familiar; cognizant; up-to-date.
  5. e noun: Act of cleansing; washing or cleansing of the body, especially as part of a religious ceremony. (sanctify).

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  1. adjective: Slow; tending to or inclined to delay or postpone; procrastinating.
  2. noun: Cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed or quickness. (celerity).
  3. noun: Symbolic representation; an extended metaphor in narrative form.
  4. adjective: Composed of unlike parts.
  5. noun: Sin; an evil act; gross immorality or injustice; wickedness.

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  1. Euphonynoun: Pleasant, agreeable, harmonious sound.


  2. Derogateverb: To belittle; to deviate from a standard or expectation; to go astray or stray. (disparage).


  3. Impregnableadjective: Totally safe from attack; invulnerable; impervious to outside influence.


  4. Euphemismnoun: An act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.


  5. Aberrationnoun: A state or condition markedly different form the norm. (anomaly).