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Parts of the cell for 7th grade science

Cell Membrane

School reference - walls and doors

*protects the cell
*keeps things in
*lets things out
*both plant and animal

Cell Wall

school reference - Police Patrolling Outside

*extra protection for the plant cell
*keeps the plant rigid
*Plant cell only


school reference - air

*Thick fluid that fills the cell and holds all the organelles
*both plant and animal


school reference - support beams

*web of proteins in the cytoplasm that keeps the cell membrane from
*both animal and plant cells


school reference - generator, furnace or heater

*breaks down food to make energy for the cell
*both animal and plant cells


school reference - cafeteria

*makes food for the plant cells
*plant cells only


school reference - main office; principal's office

*'control center'
*gives instructions and controls cell's activities
*both animal and plant cells


school reference - filing cabinets

*controls DNA, which contains information about the cell
*both animal and plant cells

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

school reference - hallways

*a passageway that sends and delivers proteins throughout the cell
*has ribosomes on it
*both animal and plant cells


school reference - construction workers

*makes proteins for the cell
*both animal and plant cells

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

school reference - hallways

*passageway that continues to move proteins throughout the cell
*makes lipids
*breaks down toxic material
*both animal and plant cells

Golgi Apparatus/Complex

school reference - mailroom

*packages and transports proteins out of the cell to other cells
*both animal and plant cells


school reference - storage room

*stores water, food and protein
*both animal and plant cells


school reference - trash can

*gets rid of old, worn-out parts of the cell
*both animal and plant cells
*(mainly in animal cells)


Biological molecules that perform a variety of functions in living organisms such as making new DNA, defense against germs, bodily movements and digestion.


smallest unit
perform all processes necessary for life

cell theory

*all organisms made of one or more cells
*basic unit of all living things
*come from existing cells


*cells with no nucleus
*single-celled organism
*Bacteria is the smallest cells known; have no nucleus, but does have DNA


*cells with a nucleus
*largest cell
*most are multi-cellular (many cells)
*larger than single cell
*animals and plants

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