26 terms

Leçon 2C

mon père
my father
ma mère
my mother
mon frère
my brother
mon cousin
my male cousin
mon oncle
my uncle
mon grand-père
my grandfather
ma soeur
my sister
ma cousine
my female cousin
ma tante
my aunt
ma grand-mère
my grandmother
le chien
the dog
le chat
the cat
quel âge as-tu
how old are you
j'ai quinze ans
I am fifteen years old
quel âge a ta mère
how old is your mother
elle a quarante ans
she is forty years old
quel âge a ton oncle
how old is your uncle
il a cinquante ans
he is fifty years old
ton prof
your male teacher
ta prof
your female teacher
ton cousin
your male cousin
ta cousine
your female cousin
ton père
your father
ta mère
your mother
ton ami
your male friend
ton amie
your female friend