12 terms

Unit 1 Vocab - We the People

A plan of government that sets forth the structures and powers of the government
constitutional government
A form of government in which a written constitutional serves as a higher law
A form of government in which the people make every decision
forms of government
Ruled by one, few or many people, each with a 'right' and 'corrupt' form
limited government
A government governed by the rule of law
The British legislature, which consists of the House of Lords and House of Commons
a representative government
unwritten constitution
The body of political practices developed through custom and tradition
written constitution
A constitution that consists of one document that governs the government
judicial function
A legal system that adjudicates disputes and settles them
legislative function
Determines the rules that will govern the process of adjudication
executive function
Ensures that disputing parties submit to adjudication and that they comply with the settlement