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made up of hot rock located above the outer core, where convection currents occur


a portion of the upper mantle just below the lithosphere


a layer of sloid rock that contains both dry land and the ocean floor, the layer we live on

name the crust's state of matter


name the element(s) found in the crust

aluminum and silicon

what is the thickness of the crust

5-70km thick

name the mantle's state of matter


name the element(s) found in the mantle

silicon, iron and magnesium

outer core

a layer of molten metal that surrounds the inner core

name the outer core's state of matter


name the element(s) found in the outer core


what is the thickness of the mantle

2,867km thick

what is the thickness of the outer core

2,266km thick

inner core

the innermost part of the earth, spins the opposite way of the outer core

name the inner core's state of matter


name the element(s) found in the inner core

iron and nickel

convection currents

circular movements of a heated substance due to changes in density

The thinnes part of the crust

oceanic crust

the thickest part of the crust

continental crust

seismic waves

are used to study the earth's inner layers

magnetic field

the energy field created by the spinning of the earth's inner and outer core's

the lithosphere's state of matter


the athenosphere's state of matter

solid but able to flow slowly

shape of earth's magnetic field

an oval type shape coming out or the north and south poles

density trends in the earth

1. heating 2. less dense 3. rise 4. cooling 5. less dense 6. sink


between the crust and the mantle, lies just above the athenosphere

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