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  1. Armistice
  2. What brought US into war
  3. Balkans
  4. Fourteen Points
  5. Zimmermann telegram
  1. a Sinking of 6 American ships Feb 3 - Mar 21
  2. b ceasefire that ended war 11/11/1918 11th hour
  3. c southeastern Europe region
  4. d telegram intercepted saying lost territory in Texas New Mexico and Arizona
  5. e based on "the principle of justice to all peoples of nationalities"

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  1. ships that transported troops escorted by warships
  2. space between opposing trenches
  3. NWLB mediate labor disputes the might lead to strikes
  4. Leader of a group of guerrillas to attack Columbus New Mexico
  5. Britain France Russa entente cordiale (a friendly understanding)

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  1. Communist Internationalorganization for coordinating communist parties in other countries


  2. DeportedGerman submarines to get around Britain's blockade


  3. John J PershingSent by Wilson with 6,000 troops to find villa


  4. William TaftSerbian nationalist group


  5. Woodrow Wilsoncost of food: clothing: shelter: and other essentials