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  1. Balkans
  2. War Industries Board
  3. Doughboys
  4. U-boats
  5. Woodrow Wilson
  1. a WIB job was to coordinate the production of war materials
  2. b nickname for American troops
  3. c southeastern Europe region
  4. d US President opposed imperialism an believe in democracy in 1913
  5. e German submarines to get around Britain's blockade

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  1. Neighborhoods those Immigran6ts settled in
  2. France Russia Great Britain Italy
  3. Commander of American Forces and General
  4. leader of Bolshevik party that overthrew the Russian government
  5. April 1917

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  1. Sussex Pledgearmed ban the uses surprise attacks and sabotage


  2. Zimmermann telegramGeneral that seized power in Mexico and Madero killed under his orders


  3. Treaty of Versaillessigned by Germany on 1919 Germany payed $33 billion


  4. Self-determinationthe idea that people who belong to a nation should their own country and gov


  5. Calvin Coolidgecertain conditions to sink no more merchant ships