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  1. Victory Gardens
  2. Franz Ferdinand
  3. Committee on Public Information
  4. Sussex Pledge
  5. U-boats
  1. a heir to austro-hungarian throne and archduke
  2. b CPI selling the war to the American people
  3. c German submarines to get around Britain's blockade
  4. d civilian's gardens to raise their own vegetables
  5. e certain conditions to sink no more merchant ships

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  1. ceasefire that ended war 11/11/1918 11th hour
  2. southeastern Europe region
  3. "general association of nation" to preserve peace
  4. France Russia Great Britain Italy
  5. a strike that involves all workers living in a certain location

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  1. Self-determinationthe idea that people who belong to a nation should their own country and gov


  2. Contrabandinformation designed in influence opinion


  3. George Creelnationwide panic that feared the communists


  4. ReparationsNeighborhoods those Immigran6ts settled in


  5. What brought US into warWIB job was to coordinate the production of war materials