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  1. Guerrillas
  2. League of Nations
  3. Edgar Hoover
  4. New Technology
  5. Bolsheviks
  1. a Poison gas: gas masks: tanks:
  2. b "general association of nation" to preserve peace
  3. c group of communists
  4. d armed ban the uses surprise attacks and sabotage
  5. e leader of intelligence division aka the FBI

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  1. Replaced Diaz people had high hopes but he was unskilled
  2. certain conditions to sink no more merchant ships
  3. organization for coordinating communist parties in other countries
  4. Serbian nationalist group
  5. heir to austro-hungarian throne and archduke

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  1. Armisticenationwide panic that feared the communists


  2. National War Labor BoardNWLB mediate labor disputes the might lead to strikes


  3. Vladimir LeninFrance Russia Great Britain Italy


  4. Committee on Public Informationorganization for coordinating communist parties in other countries


  5. Liberty Bonds and Victory bondswomen who actually serve in the army as nurses