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  1. Communist International
  2. Espionage
  3. Reparations
  4. New Technology
  5. Mitchell Palmer
  1. a war damages (Germany payed $33 billion)
  2. b organization for coordinating communist parties in other countries
  3. c Poison gas: gas masks: tanks:
  4. d spying to acquire secret government information
  5. e US Attorney General in DC made the Intelligence Division

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  1. April 1917
  2. Leader of CPI who recruited advertising executives: artists: entertainers: public speakers
  3. a way for Americans to loan the government money
  4. telegram intercepted saying lost territory in Texas New Mexico and Arizona
  5. ceasefire that ended war 11/11/1918 11th hour

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  1. Self-determinationthe idea that people who belong to a nation should their own country and gov


  2. Edgar Hooverleader of intelligence division aka the FBI


  3. Elbert H. Garyleader of intelligence division aka the FBI


  4. William TaftSerbian nationalist group


  5. Triple AllianceGermany Italy Austria-Hungrary Prussia (Controlled southeast Europe)