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  1. William Taft
  2. Victoriano Huerta
  3. Convoys
  4. General strike
  5. Deported
  1. a a strike that involves all workers living in a certain location
  2. b General that seized power in Mexico and Madero killed under his orders
  3. c expelled from the country (usually suspects)
  4. d ships that transported troops escorted by warships
  5. e chairman of the NWLB

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  1. signed by Germany on 1919 Germany payed $33 billion
  2. armed ban the uses surprise attacks and sabotage
  3. Neighborhoods those Immigran6ts settled in
  4. WIB job was to coordinate the production of war materials
  5. US President opposed imperialism an believe in democracy in 1913

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  1. Reparationsprohibited materials to prevent neutral countries from shipping food to Germany


  2. Francisco MaderoReplaced Diaz people had high hopes but he was unskilled


  3. When did us declare war on GermanyApril 1917


  4. Committee on Public Informationorganization for coordinating communist parties in other countries


  5. Pancho VillaLeader of a group of guerrillas to attack Columbus New Mexico