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  1. Reparations
  2. Cost of living
  3. General strike
  4. Allies
  5. Barrios
  1. a a strike that involves all workers living in a certain location
  2. b Neighborhoods those Immigran6ts settled in
  3. c cost of food: clothing: shelter: and other essentials
  4. d war damages (Germany payed $33 billion)
  5. e France Russia Great Britain Italy

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  1. Britain France Russa entente cordiale (a friendly understanding)
  2. new conscription system
  3. US Attorney General in DC made the Intelligence Division
  4. women who actually serve in the army as nurses
  5. ships that transported troops escorted by warships

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  1. Francisco MaderoReplaced Diaz people had high hopes but he was unskilled


  2. National War Labor BoardFeeling of intense pride in one's homeland


  3. Self-determination"general association of nation" to preserve peace


  4. Liberty Bonds and Victory bondsNWLB mediate labor disputes the might lead to strikes


  5. Franz Ferdinandprohibited materials to prevent neutral countries from shipping food to Germany