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  1. Democritus
  2. microscope definition
  3. Tyndall
  4. hebrew laws
  5. eukarya
  1. a quarantine and sanitation reduced spread of disease
  2. b contrast between a microbe and its background
  3. c protozoa (protists), alge, fungi (both mold and yeast) single celled generally (fungi can be uni or multicellular)
  4. d intermittent boiling; eliminates endospores; tyndallization
  5. e all objects composed of invisible particles, atoms

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  1. can't be seen with naked eye; they only have presence of genetic material or presence of protein in common with higher organisms; no tissues, diseases
  2. endospores discovered; overthrew spontaneous generation permanently
  3. assumed boiling kills everything; boiled broth no covers; supported spontaneous generation
  4. Prokarya and eukarya
  5. Cell Theory - zooologist and botanist; all animal tissue and plant tissue are comprised of cells;

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  1. microbial rolesproducers, 1st order consumers, 2nd Order consumers, decomposers


  2. van Leeuwenhoekdisturbance between fire, water, earth and air


  3. non-cellular organismsviruses wrapped in protein, viroids RNA molecules, prions infectious proteins


  4. producers - organismsphotosynthesis converts light energy to chemical, basis of food chains and pyramids alga, some bacteria, some Archae - autotroph


  5. Hippocrates4 humors, blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile - related to fire, water, earth and air