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  1. Schwann
  2. Pasteur
  3. Virchow
  4. cellular organisms
  5. 2nd order consumer
  1. a biogenesis; boiled broth and heated air; also destroyed vegetative force
  2. b saw mitosis; all cells come from preexisting cells
  3. c consumes 1st order consumers; protozoa that eats both plants and is carnivore
  4. d Swan flask; disproves spontaneous generation;
  5. e Prokarya and eukarya

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  1. oxygen, soil, food, base of food chain indirect, harvest algae and guni (direct), enzymes (fermentation), drugs, (antibiotics, steroids, alcohols, proteins) recycling thru cycles, water purification; damage plants, animals, humans via disease; easy to grow, suitable for genetic engineering.
  2. endospores discovered; overthrew spontaneous generation permanently
  3. ubiquitous; everywhere in nature; air, water, soil, in and on other organisms
  4. disturbance between fire, water, earth and air
  5. all objects composed of invisible particles, atoms

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  1. Hippocratesall objects composed of invisible particles, atoms


  2. biogenesisthat all living organisms are derived from living organisms of the same type


  3. producers - organismsphotosynthesis converts light energy to chemical, basis of food chains and pyramids alga, some bacteria, some Archae - autotroph


  4. microscope resolutioncontrast between a microbe and its background


  5. hebrew lawsquarantine and sanitation reduced spread of disease


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