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  1. microscope resolution
  2. Schwann
  3. microscopes
  4. Democritus
  5. microbial roles
  1. a magnify, define, resolve - can't be seen with naked eye
  2. b shows adjacent points as distinct and different
  3. c producers, 1st order consumers, 2nd Order consumers, decomposers
  4. d all objects composed of invisible particles, atoms
  5. e biogenesis; boiled broth and heated air; also destroyed vegetative force

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  1. Prokarya and eukarya
  2. biogenesis; boiled broth and sealed flask; he destroyed vegetative force
  3. photosynthesis converts light energy to chemical, basis of food chains and pyramids alga, some bacteria, some Archae - autotroph
  4. quarantine and sanitation reduced spread of disease
  5. assumed boiling kills everything; boiled broth no covers; supported spontaneous generation

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  1. prokaryaarchae, bacteria no true nucleus-but nucleoid; ribosomes not membrane bound


  2. non-cellular organismsviruses wrapped in protein, viroids RNA molecules, prions infectious proteins


  3. 2nd order consumerconsumes 1st order consumers; protozoa that eats both plants and is carnivore


  4. CohnGolden Age; 4 postulates associating specific organisms with particular diseases; first proof microbbes are associate with disease, 25 pathogens discovered; petri plates and TSA soy agar; test tube sterile TSB soy broth


  5. Alcmaeonendospores discovered; overthrew spontaneous generation permanently