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12th Amendment
Put in place to avoid problems like those that occurred during the Election of 1800.
the right to vote
14th Amendment
Incorporated the the clauses that everyone has the right to due process and equal protection under the law.
15th Amendment
states that no male may be denied the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
16th Amendment
states that the federal government has the right to levy and collect an income tax.
18th Amendment
prohibited the making, selling, or transporting of alcoholic beverages
17th Amendment
People had the right to vote for their Senators.
20th Amendment
This amendment set the Inauguration date for the President, VP, and Congress
22nd Amendment
Stated that no President may serve more than two terms.
25th Amendment
Stated the procedure for who would run the government if the President was "incapacitated" or unable to perform his/her duties
15th Amendment
It didn't matter of you were Korean, African American, Cuban, Caucasian, Haitian, Irish, previously a slave, or Chinese; you could still vote!
12th Amendment
Now electors must specifically cast a ballot for the President AND for the Vice President.
13th Amendment
Came after the Emancipation Proclamation.
14th Amendment
No longer will the Three-Fifths Compromise be in affect!
15th Amendment
Occurred to avoid the problems that emerged southern elections during the Reconstruction Era up until the 1960's
13th Amendment
You cannot enslave someone or make them do work against their will.
18th Amendment
This was created in response to the increase in alcohol consumption among Americans. Gambling and prostitution also increased.
14th Amendment
After the ruling in the Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, nine students were escorted by military personal to school to make sure they were safe.
14th Amendment
Bills of attainder were sometimes criticized as a convenient way for the king to convict subjects of crimes and confiscate their property without the bother of a trial.
13th Amendment
John was assigned street cleaning to fulfill his community service hours for driving under the influence.
Poll taxes are now illegal, that is a tax was to be payed for citizens to vote in a election
FDR once served three terms, leading many people to believe he was too powerful.
This led to Al Capone opening 10,000 speakeasies(where alcohol was sold).
Women's suffrage
Overturned the 18th Amendment
As a resident of Washington D.C., I now have the right to vote for my president!
Made the voting Age 18
This amendment outlined presidential succession.
This amendment came to be because young men who were fighting in Vietnam couldn't vote
This amendment also outlines how the Gov. will work when the Pres. can't perform his daily job