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  1. Arrange
  2. pi
  3. interior angles
  4. realistic
  5. convey
  1. a based on what is real or practical
  2. b make known
  3. c put into a proper or systematic order
  4. d π, 3.14
  5. e angles on the inside of parallel lines cut by a transversal

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  1. exchange or replace with another
  2. taking part in an activity
  3. a number of different types of things
  4. a public promotion of some product or service
  5. a distinctive quality, or characteristic

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  1. Auditiona tryout


  2. affectednot including


  3. exaggerationa mathematical statement that two expressions are equal


  4. end pointsA point at which a segment ends.


  5. Indicateexactly alike