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LabLearner Grade 5, Energy of Heat Inv 3-4 vocab

Chemical reaction
the process in which one or more substances interact chemically to form one or more different substances
Endothermic process
a chemical reaction or physical change that absorbs heat
Exothermic process
a chemical reaction or physical change that releases heat
the energy transferred from one molecule to another because of a difference in kinetic energy between the two molecules. Is transferred from molecules with higher kinetic energy to those with lower kinetic energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form
Physical change
a change in which no new substance is produced but the original substance changes form
the process by which liquid water becomes water vapor (a gas)
Joule-Thompson Effect
the decrease in temperature observed when a compressed gas is allowed to expand rapidly
Kinetic energy
the energy of motion
a particle of matter
a measure of the kinetic energy of molecules