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E2 Review Quistions

If you were to add all the missing elements to the table on page E41, how many would there be between silicon and chlorine? What would their atomic numbers be?
There would be two elements missing between silicon and chlorine. Those missing atomic numbers would be 15 and 16.
What subatomic particles make up the nucleus of an atom?
They are the protons and the neutrons.
How do atoms with different atomic numbers differ from each other?
Atoms with different atomic numbers have different numbers of protons.
Which are NOT a part of atoms?
What information is shown in a chemical formula?
The number and kinds of atoms in a molecule of the compound are found in a chemical formula.
Choose a metal you know and list three uses that illustrate three properties of metals.
Aluminum foil is malleable, shiny, and conducts heat.
Using the periodic table op pages E46 and E47, find the name of the element that has 36 protons.
Krypton has 36 protons. (And can be used against Superman!)
Which of these is NOT found in the periodic table?